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How to watch Logan Paul’s First Edition Pokemon card opening

Published: 4/Oct/2020 13:42

by Daniel Cleary


YouTube star Logan Paul has revealed that he will be unboxing a $200,000 Pokemon First-Edition Booster Box on his channel after winning an auction for the rare set of collectible cards. Here’s how you can watch.

Aside from building a massive audience of over 22 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Logan Paul is known for his success across multiple platforms and has even stepped into the music and boxing world to diversify his income streams.

Now he’s taking on yet another challenge, revealing that he would be diving headfirst into the trading cards market, which has been booming in recent months, in hopes of striking it lucky.


During his vlog on October 3, Logan Paul revealed that entrepreneur, author, and investor Gary Vaynerchuk, had inspired him to take advantage of the rise of popularity in sports cards, but the YouTuber had different interests, opting to collect Pokemon cards instead.

Logan paul and josie canseco opening pokemon cards

How to watch Logan Paul’s Pokemon unboxing

It turns out that Logan Paul is already quite knowledgeable about Pokemon, reminding fans that his only tattoo is of one of his favorite characters, Squirtle.

He shared that he had bought multiple rare cards and booster packs to start his collection. He even managed to get his hands on a first-edition Pokemon booster box, spending over $160,000 in an online auction.


The YouTuber estimated that the box would currently be valued at around $200,000 and added that he would be unveiling the contents of the box on his YouTube channel for his fans to see.

logan paul holding pokemon box

When does Logan Paul’s Pokemon unboxing start?

The unboxing of the Pokemon first edition Booster Box is currently scheduled to take place on Friday, October 9 at 6PM PST / 9PM ET / 2AM BST.

Logan Paul confirmed that the event will be livestreamed on his channel for his viewers and any Pokemon fans who want to tune in.

While he will be opening all 36 first edition packs on the live stream, he has allowed fans to buy some of the rare packs from him in advance, unveiling his viewers’ cards for all to watch, adding that he will safely ship to them to any buyers.


But, Logan admitted that he will be hoping to get his hands on cards like the first edition Charizard, which has continued to rise in price. It would guarantee tens of thousands of dollars for anyone lucky enough to find such an exclusive Pokemon card.