How to use Fluffruit, Melody & Illumina Orbs in New Pokemon Snap

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vaporeon eating fluffruit in new pokemon snap
The Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco

Fluffruit, Melody, and Illumina Orbs are much-needed tools in New Pokemon Snap, and you need to know how to use them effectively – especially if you plan on mastering your Photodex.

In the original 1999 game, Apples, Pester Balls, and the Poke Flute were all used to make ‘mon perform different actions. If you threw a horde of Charmander some food, they’d do a happy dance, and if you pelted a certain wall with balls, Porygon would appear. Let’s also not forget Articuno, who would burst out of its egg at the sound of music. Ah, the nostalgia.

New Pokemon Snap carries on this tradition, but things have changed slightly; Apples have made a return, but they’re now called Fluffruit; Melody is the new Poke Flute; and Illumina Orbs are a brand-new tool given to you by Professor Mirror to study the Lental region.

Vulpix in pokemon snap
Nintendo / HAL Laboratory
In the Nintendo 64 game, some Pokemon would perform new actions when items like Apples or Pester Balls were used.

Fluffruit in New Pokemon Snap

When items are used on a Pokemon, it can cause it to behave in a new way which can result in a higher photo score at the end of the course. Professor Mirror grades your shots based on a number of different factors and Pose is one of them – the rarer the action, the more points you get.

Fluffruit is one of three items you can use to interact with creatures in the wild. It’s basically the Apple from the original Snap, just with a new name. To use it, simply throw it at or near a ‘mon and see if it reacts to it.

An example of where to use the fruit is with Tyrannitar in the rocky desert level. If you throw one, it’ll stop to pick it up and eat it while performing a cute animation in the process, which is the perfect time to take a picture.

tyrannitar in new Pokemon Snap
The Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco
Many Pokemon will perform new actions when given a Fluffruit.

Illumina Orbs in New Pokemon Snap

Illumina is the name of the phenomenon affecting the Lental region that causes Pokemon to glow. It is unknown why this happens, so Professor Mirror enlists your help to research the anomaly. He gives you a tool that he created from the strange effect: Illumina Orbs.

Like Fluffruit, the Orbs are used to make ‘mon perform actions unique to that item. They make creatures light up too, which makes them perfect for nighttime use to get some amazing photographs and so you can see them better in the low light setting.

One of the best ways to use an Orb is on Sword & Shield starter, Scorbunny. Instead of having its regular blue flames when using a move, its fire transforms into a vibrant blast of blue – and it looks seriously epic.

Scorbunny with Illumina Orb effect new Pokemon Snap
The Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco
Illumina Orbs make Pokemon have a glowing effect.

Melody in New Pokemon Snap

If you’ve never played Snap before, you’ll still recognize the Poke Flute, especially if you’re a fan of Red and Blue. Remember how Snorlax blocked the path on Route 12 and you had to play a song to wake it up?

In New Pokemon Snap, the feature is back except it’s called Melody this time around. It works in an almost-identical way though: just play a Pokemon a tune and see how it reacts.

Like the other two tools, the music causes some ‘mon to bust out an exclusive pose that can score you more points at the end of the course when going through the grading process with Professor Mirror.

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