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How to transfer your old Pokemon to Sword and Shield for free

Published: 4/Feb/2020 19:30

by Eli Becht


Pokemon Home gives players a way to transfer their critters over from previous games into Sword and Shield, but they’ll need a Pokemon Bank subscription to do so. Here’s how to get that for free.

Pokemon Home comes out later in February, with the aim of streamlining the ease of moving Pokemon between games. For example, players will be able to take monsters from Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee, the 3DS games, and even Pokemon GO.

This means some of their favorites will no longer be locked away in the older games, but instead, they’ll be able to store them all in one spot. Moving from the Nintendo 3DS especially will allow them to appreciate their old buddies in a brand-new light, thanks to the massive upgrade in graphics.


With so many apps in the mix, things might sound a tad complicated, but it’s really simple once you get the hang of things.

Of course, if you’re trying to bring anything over from Sun and Moon, or any of the 3DS titles for that matter, you’ll need a subscription to the Pokemon Bank. This will cost $5 a month, which isn’t a massive amount of money, but we’re sure players would appreciate it a bit more if it was free. Here’s how you can do just that.

How to get a month of Pokemon Bank for free

All you’ll have to do to get a free month of Bank is sign up through the app your 3DS, and you’ll be in business. Nintendo’s only offering one free month, though, so don’t wait too long, or you’ll miss out. However, things aren’t quite as simple as that, since you’ll still need the subscription to Home when that releases.

On top of that, a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online is needed as well, but if you have all that, then you’re golden. You can begin moving your Pokemon into the Bank for free, meaning that when Home launches, you won’t have as many steps to take.

pokemon bank
The Pokemon Bank will not return your monsters, so choose wisely!

Keep in mind that any Pokemon you transfer into the Bank will not be able to be sent back to their original game. This means the Chikorita you captured from Silver, for example, will not be able to return to the game after the transfer is made.

With all transactions being final, you’ll have to think long and hard about who you’re willing to part with.


Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplayer represents Spikemuth as Marnie

Published: 20/Oct/2020 19:32

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon cosplayer went viral on Instagram after bringing popular Sword & Shield character Marnie to life. The artist perfectly re-creates the Galar league Trainer with an insanely accurate costume.

Pokemon’s eighth generation began with the release of Sword & Shield in 2019. The Nintendo Switch title takes place in the Galar region and introduced new characters to the franchise, such as Marnie.

Bringing the wildly beloved character to life, prolific cosplayer Emi ‘kqueentsun‘ transformed into the Gen VIII heroine with an epic costume. The artist’s take on the Spikemuth Trainer will leave fans in awe.

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Marnie is the new rival in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Pokemon cosplayer is real life Marnie

In Sword & Shield, the player technically faces off against two rivals. However, it is Marnie with her Team Yell fanbase that has captured the hearts of fans (sorry Hop!). The heroine heralds from the town of Spikemuth, where her brother Pierce is the Gym Leader.

Popular cosplayer ‘kqueentsun’ made waves on Instagram when she shared her true-to-life take on the beloved Trainer. Her incredibly accurate re-creation of the character’s look truly brings her to life. The artist looks so much like the Galar rival, it’s almost as if she’s jumped out of the screen.

Emi perfectly captured Marnie’s punk aesthetic by mirroring her signature double braided black hair. In the game, the character shaves the left side of her head in the shape of a crown. Cleverly, the cosplayer dyed her wig gray to make the same effect.

In June, ‘kqueentsun’ finished her costume and showed it off on social media. Her outfit is packed full of details, such as Marnie’s choker necklace and silver pendant. She even included the red ribbon that hangs from her ponytail.

Emi also re-created an iconic scene from Sword & Shield, where the Spikemuth rival tries to smile for her Morpeko. Putting her fingers on each side of her lips, the cosplayer adorably mimics the Gen 8 character’s attempt to show happiness.

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Despite only releasing at the end of 2019, Sword & Shield has already gone on to become the third highest-selling title in the RPG’s entire franchise – proof that Pokemon has never been more popular.

Those in love with the Galar region are in luck, as the Nintendo Switch title is getting expanded in a major way on October 22 with the debut of The Crown Tundra DLC. Perhaps Marnie will get another story in this epic addon – we can only hope.