How to recruit Moltres, Zapdos & Articuno in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

Meg Bethany Koepp
Nintendo / The Pokemon Company

If you’re wanting to know how you can recruit Legendary birds Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno to your Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX rescue team on Nintendo Switch, then look no further – we’ve got you covered.

The Mystery Dungeon series first released on the Game Boy Advance in Japan in 2005, before Red & Blue Rescue Team came to the West in 2006. On March 6, Nintendo and The Pokemon released a remake of the popular dungeon-crawler which included a plethora of new features including Mega Evolutions and autosave.

Something that returned, though, is the ability to recruit Legendary Pokemon to your team, including mythical birds Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. If you’d like to know how to find them, we’ve got everything you need to know.

The Pokemon Company / Nintendo
The Legendary birds make a return in DX.

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How to recruit Moltres, Articuno & Zapdos

If you’ve played far enough into the game, you’ll know that you have to fight the Legendary birds in the main campaign, but you sadly can’t add them to your team… Yet. To get the mystical creatures, you’ll first need to finish the story mode.

For Moltres, trainers will need to head to the peak of Mt. Blaze, just like in the main story. Battle him again with Water-type moves, and once defeated, he’ll join you automatically.

The Pokemon Company / Nintendo
Moltres sits atop Mt. Blaze.

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Zapdos can be found on the top floor of Mt. Thunder, and is weak to Rock and Ice-type moves so use those in order to dispatch him quickly. Getting the type advantages right can save you a lot of time with the birds.

Mt. Freeze hosts Articuno at its peak, and like the other two, using its weakness is key – Fire in this instance. None of the encounters are too difficult if you come prepared, and recruiting monsters along the way to gain a larger team makes it all the more easy.

If you find the fights tough, it’s recommended that you level up to at least 45 for a better chance at winning, though the higher the better.