How to recover item satchels in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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While losing items in Pokemon Legends Arceus can be a bummer, recovering lost items is fairly easy. Here’s how to recover items and lost satchels around the Hisui region with ease.

One of the new mechanics introduced in Pokemon Legends Arceus is hostile Pokemon’s ability to attack the player character in the field.

Should a trainer sustain too much damage, they will black out on the spot and drop a portion of the items in their item satchel.

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Thankfully, those items are not completely gone and can be recovered pretty easily.

How to recover lost items in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Those who have spent a bit of time with Pokemon Legends Arceus may have seen small bag icons dotted around the map screen on your Arc Phone.

These icons represent lost satchels, which are item satchels that players connected to the internet have dropped after their character has fainted.

unown e map pokemon legends arceusGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
The icons below ‘Horseshoe Plains’ and above ‘Deertrack Path’ are lost satchels on the map.

However, these icons will only appear to others who have also connected to the internet. Follow these steps to make sure you are connected to the internet:

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  1. While in-game, press Up on the d-pad to access your item satchel.
  2. Press ZR to scroll to the ‘Communications’ tab.
  3. Below ‘Mystery Gifts,’ there will be a tab labeled Internet Connection.’
  4. Make sure the slider is set to ‘On’ and that your home internet connection is stable.
  5. Additionally, you can set ‘Automatically Connect?’ to ‘Yes’ to connect to the internet anytime you turn the game on.

With these settings changed, you will be able to recover lost satchels for other players around the map, earning Merit Points and sometimes items in return.

How to recover your own items in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Recovering your own items in Pokemon Legends Arceus is a different story.

There is currently no way for you to directly recover your own items upon blacking out in-game.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Alpha Gabite imageGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Alpha Pokemon are strong, gigantic Pokemon scattered around Hisui that can easily cause players to black out.

This does not mean that those items are gone forever, though.

Just as you can seek out other trainers’ lost satchels in the open world, random trainers online can find and recover your missing items as well.

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This means that you will simply have to wait for a random player to find their lost satchel and return it to them to get their dropped items back.

Once you have had your lost satchel recovered or vice-versa, follow these steps to claim the reward:

  1. While in-game, press Up on the d-pad to access your item satchel.
  2. Press ZR to scroll to the ‘Communications’ tab.
  3. Select the ‘Lost & Found’ tab.

Here you can claim rewards for finding ‘Others’ lost satchels’ or reclaim dropped items under ‘Your lost satchels.’

That’s everything players need to know about recovering item satchels in Pokemon Legends Arceus! Check out some of our other Pokemon Legends Arceus guides below:

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