How to play Pokemon Masters’ first story event, launch date, more

Pokemon Masters isn’t even out yet, but the game’s first event “Reach for the Top” has been announced and it features one of the most well-known rivals in the history of the franchise.

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In the news video, Yu Sasaki, the game’s producer, provided some insight into the event and what’s coming with the mobile game at launch.

The gameplay will involve “sync pairs” – the duo of a trainer and their Pokemon. All players will begin with Pikachu as their sync pair partner, but they’ll encounter others such as Brock and Onix.

PokemonEach Pokemon trainer comes with a partner.
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Special launch bonuses revealed

Creating sync pairs with new Pokemon will be key to getting ahead. To celebrate the launch, gems will be given out as a bonus. Gems are used to create new sync pairs in the sync pair scout feature to add new pairs to your team. 

As part of the launch celebration, training items will be earned in missions. These will be important for the player to clear the main story. The bonuses will be from August 28 until October 16.

At release, there will be 65 sync pairs available. 

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When and what is the “Reach for the Top” story event?

The story events are side quests separate from the main campaign where the player goes on an adventure with a trainer the event is focused on. Your Pokemon sync pairs will be decided for you to give the player more variety and the opportunity to try out new pairs. 

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“Reach for the Top” will begin September 2, five days after the game’s release and run until September 29. In the event, players will follow Blue, the rival from Pokemon Red and Blue. Others well-known trainers and gym leaders from the Kanto region such as Misty also make an appearance. 

PokemonSync pairs are critical to your success in Pokemon Masters.
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Blue and Pidgeot will appear in the sync pair scout and will have the move “air cutter” which attacks all opponents. Blue’s sync move will turn Pidgeot into Mega Pidgeot. 

Events will return if players are unable to complete them the first time around. A return-date will be provided with an in-game announcement. 

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Pokemon Masters launches August 29. The game is free-to-play on mobile devices.