How to play Legendary Zeraora in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite How to Play Zeraora profileThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios

Pokemon Unite has gotten its first Legendary fighter, Zeraora. Here is how to play the Alolan Mythical in its Speedster role and leave opponents paralyzed in fear. 

To celebrate the launch of Pokemon Unite on Nintendo Switch, TiMi Studios has added Sun & Moon Legendary Zeraora to the roster. The Electric feline is in the Speedster class.

This guide will detail how to best play the Gen VIII Mythical in the team-based 5v5 MOBA, as well as list and break down the character’s entire moveset and special abilities.

How to play Zeraora in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Zeraora profileThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
The Sun & Moon Legendary will make its debut when Pokemon Unite launches.

Alolan Mythical Zeraora is easily one of the most powerful characters in the Speedster class. The beloved ‘mon lives up to its Electric-type as it’s able to zip around the map with speed while also unleashing a flurry of strikes on opponents. 

We recommend upgrading Agility at level 6 and swapping it for Volt Switch. The upgraded ability will allow you to harass opponents by teleporting to them for a devastating attack, before spamming the move a second time to dash back to your previous location.

At level 8, players should trade in their second ability Slash for Wild Charge. The new dash move pairs off with Volt Switch, making Zeraora an absolute menace on the map with insane mobility. Using Volt Switch first before triggering Wild Charge will increase the number of hits thrown in the latter attack, making for a deadly combo.

The Legendary has a devastating nuke attack with its Unite Special, Plasma Gale. If landed on a group of enemies, it not only leaves them paralyzed but also locks them inside the ring of electricity surrounding them. The move is a good way to box in opponents and interrupt group attacks.

Pokemon Unite Zeraora Special attacks

Special 1

Attack Icon Description Upgrade level 
Basic Attack Basic Attack Multiple hits with a boost on the fifth attack.  Level 1
Agility Agility Zeraora’s speed increases for a short period of time. Basic attack speed also gets boosted. Level 6 (can be upgraded to one of the two following moves below)
Volt Switch Volt Switch Zeraora hurls itself into enemies giving them electric damage. Using the move again will zip the Legendary back into its previous location.   Level 12: Increased Damage but slows down basic attack speed.
Spark Spark Zeraora rides an electric current until reaching an opponent. Hitting them deals damage. Using a basic attack before hitting an opponent charges the move.  Spark can be used 3 times back to back.  Level 12: Basic attack reduces abilities cooldown.

Special 2

Attack Icon Description Upgrade level 
Slash Slash The Mythical ‘mon jumps on top of enemies and slashes them with its claws. The final hit knocks enemies backward.  Level 8 (can be upgraded to one of the two following moves below)  
Discharge  Discharge An aura of electricity is released around the user. If an enemy is hit then Zeraora gains a shield. Opponents paralyzed by the move then get sucked in towards the user.  Level 14: 
Wild Charge Wild Charge Zeraora turns into lightning in a specified direction. Upon hitting an enemy, the Legendary unleashes a flurry of attacks. Using Volt Switch or Spark before this move will increase the number of hits thrown by Wild Charge. Level 14: 
Plasma Gale

(UNITE move)

Plasma Gale A wave of lightning rains down on enemies. A ring of electric currents is created around them paralyzing them and preventing opponents from leaving or entering the location. Can be used starting Level 10

Zeraora was a last-minute surprise as Pokemon Unite was originally set to launch with 19 characters. Incredibly, the Alolan Legendary is being given out for free by TiMi Studios. For the steps on how to unlock the ‘mon right now, check out our guide here.

Unfortunately, the Electric feline will only be available for a limited time. So those planning on playing as the fighter will need to claim the gift before Tuesday, August 31, 2021.