How to make money in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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pokemon legends arceus how to earn money

With the introduction of foraging and crafting, players might question if currency is even needed in Arceus. Sure, you can purchase a Pokeball for ¥100. But, that doesn’t make sense from a monetary standpoint when you could craft hundreds and thousands of Pokeballs for free.

However, there are some very valuable items for sale that players can’t obtain, or are very difficult to find, out in the wild. Fancy clothes, satchel expansions, and Ginko Guild exclusives can all cost thousands of Pokedollars.

And with trainer battles being few and far between, you might be wondering how to make a quick buck. This guide will explain the best ways to make money in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Finding and selling precious items

Pokemon Legends Arceus Space-Time Distortion screenshot.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Space-Time distortions are littered with rare and valuable items you can sell.

Players are still able to find and sell precious items like in previous Pokemon games. But where to look for these items has changed. You won’t find a Gold Nugget or Pearls lying in Pokeballs anymore.

Instead, players will want to look in two different spots to find the most money. The first of which is looking for sparkling rock formations. These are the red, black, and blue rocks that give players Tumblestones. However, if they are sparkling, they also contain Stardust. A single bag of Stardust sells for ¥1,000 each.

The second and most lucrative source of precious items is Space-Time Distortions. These will randomly spawn in while players are roaming around and are filled with precious materials. Players can find Comet Shards, Gold Nuggets, and more inside these zones.

Players can sell these items at the General Store in Jubilife village to easily rack up thousands of Pokedollars. But be careful. If you are knocked out, these items are usually the first to be dropped.

Catching tons of Pokemon

pokemon legends arceus bidoof encounter
The Pokemon Company
Players are paid for every Pokemon they catch (yes, even Bidoof).

Unlike previous Pokemon games, in Legends Arceus you have a very specific job. As a member of the Survey Corps, it’s up to you to capture Pokemon. As such, you get paid for each one you catch and depending on how you catch them.

For each Pokemon you successfully capture, you earn a certain amount of money when you report to the Professor. You also get a bonus for each Pokemon you catch using a back strike. This incentivizes more tactical play using items.

This is also the most reliable method of earning money. You aren’t always guaranteed a space-time distortion or sparkling rocks. But you are guaranteed an endless number of Pokemon in every area.

Farming Alpha Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Arceus Alpha Pokemon screenshot
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Alpha Pokemon drop incredibly rare and valuable items once defeated.

Alpha Pokemon are terrifying, and this method isn’t recommended for those early on in their playthrough. However, Alpha Pokemon are also a great and reliable source of rare high-value items.

By farming, we mean killing them over and over. If you defeat an Alpha they will drop items that you can sell at Jubilife. Since there are some Alpha spawns that are guaranteed (like Alpha Rapidash), you can continuously defeat them time and time again.

This is also a great way to fill out an Alpha Pokemon’s Dex page since most require you to see them use different moves a number of times.

These are the most efficient methods of earning money in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Players have the tools to make boatloads of cash right from the start of their journey.

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