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How to get Tynamo in Pokemon Go: Charge Up event details

Published: 10/Mar/2021 19:04

by Alex Garton


Popular Gen V Pokemon Tynamo will be making its debut in Pokemon Go for the upcoming Charge Up event that celebrates the series’ most beloved Electric-types. Here’s how you can catch the creature that evolves into Eelektross.

Now that the Season of Legends has begun in Pokemon Go, there’s plenty of exciting content for Trainers to look forward to over the month of March. From the addition of Therian Formes to changes to five-star Raids, it’s fair to say it’s an incredible time to be a Pokemon Go player.


Perhaps the most highly-anticipated update coming to the title, however, is the Charge Up event which will see the addition of Tynamo to Pokemon Go.

Here is everything we know so far about how to catch Tynamo in the wild.

Pokemon Go
Season of Legends began on March 1.

Charge Up event set to add Tynamo & Mega Manectric

New Pokemon in Go is always great to see as it gives players more ‘mon to look out for while exploring the map. Luckily, that’s exactly what Trainers can look forward to following the upcoming Charge Up event.

The Electric-themed event will see the debut of Tynamo and give players a chance to catch the Pokemon in the wild. On top of this, Mega Manectric will be making its debut in Mega Raids so make sure you’re prepared for a challenge!


How to catch Tynamo in Pokemon Go

Players will be able to catch Tynamo after the Charge Up event begins on Tuesday, March 16 at 10:00 AM. The special event will run until Monday, March 22 and during this time, spawns of Electric-type Pokemon will be boosted so if you’re looking to catch a Tynamo, that’s your best chance!

While we are still waiting for more info on how to catch Tynamo in the wild, players will be able to battle the Unova monster as it will be making an appearance in one-star Raids. So make sure you don’t miss out.

Niantic / Pokemon Company
New Pokemon don’t arrive in-game every day so make sure you’re one of the first to catch a Tynamo!

Fans of the wildly popular Gen V ‘mon Eelektross will not want to miss out on this epic event. So make sure to set a reminder for the beginning of the event on March 16 as you can finally start catching Tynamo in the mobile title.


With the Weather Week event starting just after Charge Up has finished, Pokemon Go players have got a lot to look forward to. Check out our Twitter page for all the latest Pokemon news and guides!