How to get new DLC uniform sets in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

pokemon scarlet violet dlc

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are finally getting more uniform options following the announcement of upcoming DLC, and here is how trainers can redeem their new threads.

One of the biggest complaints players had while playing through Pokemon Scarlet & Violet was the lack of variety when choosing an outfit. Unlike recent titles in the series, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet only offer a four outfits for they trainer’s torso.

Players can buy socks, shoes, bags, and accessories, to customize their look, but their outfit is stuck being one of the four season uniforms. However, that’s set to change with the release of the new DLC.

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On February 27, The Pokemon Company International announced two waves DLC coming this fall and winter for the Gen 9 titles. But before they get here, players can obtain four new uniform sets by purchasing the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC early.

new dlc uniform sets pokemon scarlet violet

How to claim DLC uniform sets in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To claim the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC uniform sets, players will first need to have purchased the DLC Pass for their respective game. The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC retails at $34.99 USD and can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop.

Next, follow the steps below to redeem the new Uniform sets:

  1. Purchase The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC from the Nintendo eShop
  2. Launch Pokemon Scarlet or Violet
  3. Press ‘X’ to open the menu
  4. Scroll down and select ‘Downloadable content’ (Update game to 1.2.0+ for this to appear)
  5. Select ‘Check Item Details’
  6. Press ‘A’ to receive the new Uniform sets
  7. Back out of the menu and press Left on the D-pad to open the Outfit menu
  8. From here you can select the new seasonal outfits to wear

That’s everything you need to know about redeeming the new school uniforms! Check out more Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides below:

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