How to get free Pokemon Go Fest tickets: Golden Razz Berry hunt rules

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Pokemon Go Fest 2022 is coming up, and Niantic has revealed a way for Trainers to win a ticket to the event on Twitter. Here’s everything we know about it, including how to enter. 

Every year, Pokemon Go has provided trainers with a worldwide, two-day event aptly named: Go Fest.

The $14.99 ticketed event brings players together for community-focused tasks, whether it be a bonus after catching three million Pikachu or sending two million gifts to friends.

On May 27, Niantic announced a Twitter-based giveaway that allows 50 trainers a chance to win tickets to the annual event which takes place June 4 and 5 this year.

Pokemon Go Golden Razz Berry Hunt

The Twitter-based giveaway runs from now until May 31, 2022, at 6 am PDT — but how do you enter?

They explained: “Retweet posts that include a Golden Razz Berry. Follow @PokemonGOapp on Twitter. Fifty people who correctly Retweet a post that includes a Golden Razz Berry will be selected at random to win a ticket to Pokémon GO Fest! Terms and conditions apply. #GetOutAndGO”

Trainers instantly became excited for the chance to win and began scrolling Twitter to retweet any and all posts that included a Razz Berry.

However, many were left confused after failing to find any — leading them to believe that the posts that include a Razz Berry will be made during the giveaway timeframe.

So head over to Twitter and keep an eye out so you can be one of the 50 people who win a ticket. However, if you already have a ticket, you can head over to our Pokemon GO hub to begin getting ready for the worldwide event.

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