How to get Ditto in Pokemon Sword & Shield

How to catch DittoGame Freak / Pokemon Company

Ditto is one of the most highly coveted Pokemon in Sword and Shield. However, finding one in the base game can be a little frustrating. Fortunately, the Isle of Armor expansion makes adding the Transformation Pokemon to your team incredibly easy. 

Whether you’re looking to breed perfect Pokemon for competitive battles, searching for that elusive shiny, or aiming to duplicate game exclusive mons for trades, chances are you’ll need a Ditto. Unlike other pocket monsters in the game, this pink amorphous blob can breed with any non-legendary Pokemon. 

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This makes it extremely useful and is a big part of late-game trading and battling. Adding Ditto to your collection can be a little difficult in Sword and Shield’s base game, but the Isle of Armor expansion makes the process a little easier. If you’re struggling to find Ditto in the Isle of Armor expansion, then make sure you follow our guide below.

Where to find Ditto in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Ditto locationGame Freak / Pokemon Company
Ditto has its very own island in the Isle of Armor expansion.

The Ditto island is located to the South East of the Master Dojo. You will need to surf across the Workout Sea to access it, so make sure you avoid any pesky Sharpedo as you make your way over to it. If you’re still struggling to find the island or just want to catch Ditto as quickly as possible, then check out our map above.

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Unlike most Pokemon in Sword and Shield, Ditto’s spawn rate is not impacted by the various weather conditions. In fact, the pink Pokemon has an 82% chance of spawning in normal, overcast, rain, thunderstorms, intense sun, and sandstorm weather effects. 

It’s unlikely that you’ll find any perfect 6 IV Ditto on this island. However, it is a great location for catching different nature Ditto, making it an essential place for those wanting to breed competitive Pokemon. 

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Catching Ditto

Capturing DittoGame Freak / Pokemon Company
Ditto spawns in the overworld.

Catching Ditto can be a little tricky, especially when it transforms into one of your own Pokemon. Make sure you only use weak moves against it and avoid any that are likely to crit or be super effective. Instead, it’s best to chip away at its health and ready your ultra balls. 

Despite its rather goofy looks, Ditto has a catch rate of 35 and can be a little awkward to catch. It’s not uncommon for this Pokemon to break out of several Poke Balls, so try whittling its health down to as little as possible before attempting to catching. Consider inflicting it with sleep or paralysis to help increase your catch rate further. 

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