How to get different Vivillon patterns in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet with Pokemon Go

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Players have only been able to obtain Vivillon’s fancy pattern in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet until now. Here is how to get different Vivillon patterns in Scarlet & Violet through the use of Pokemon Go.

When Pokemon Scarlet & Violet was released, Vivillon fans were excited to see their favorite butterfly Pokemon had made the cut. And even better, the Vivillon used in promo materials showed off its Fancy Pattern, an elusive form reserved for special distributions in 2014.

However, players didn’t take long to discover that Vivillon couldn’t be found in any of its other 19 patterns. In past games, the Vivillons’ patterns correlated with the player’s real-world location, but that wasn’t the case this time.

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Now, players have a unique way to encounter different patterned Vivillon. For the first time, players can legitimately collect every regional Vivillon form without having to leave their homes thank to Pokemon Go.

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How to get different Vivillon patterns in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet can now obtain all 18 regional Vivillon patterns in addition to the Fancy pattern. This only excludes the Pokeball pattern that is reserved for special distributions.

To go different Vivillon patterns in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, players will have to connect their Nintendo Switch games to the Pokemon Go app. They will then need to send postcards from Pokemon Go to Scarlet & Violet.

The real-world location data from the postcards will dictate the Vivillon pattern players will encounter in-game. The chart below will explain how you can spawn each pattern.

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Vivillon PatternRegion
archipelago vivillonArchipelagoCaribbean, South Africa
continental vivillonContinentalArgentina, Central Europe, Central Asia, India
elegant vivillonElegantJapan
garden vivillonGardenUnited Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand
high plains vivillonHigh PlainsWestern US, Eastern Europe
icy snow vivillonIcy SnowGreenland, Northern Canada, Northern Europe
JungleColombia, Northern South America, Central Africa, Indonesia
MarineChile, Greece, Eastern Europe, Spain
MeadowCentral Europe
ModernSoutheastern US
MonsoonSoutheastern Asia
OceanHawaii, Galapagos Islands, Madagascar
PolarAlaska, Eastern Canada, Western Canada, Northeastern US, Southern Argentina, Chile, Northern Europe
RiverNorth Africa, Egypt, South Africa, South Australia
SandstormMiddle East
SavannaBrazil, North Australia
SunMexico, Madagascar
TundraIceland, Southern Norway, Sweden, Northern Japan

How to send postcard to Scarlet & Violet from Pokemon Go

Below are the steps players can follow to send Postcard from Pokemon Go over to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet:

  1. Launch Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  2. Open the ‘X’ menu and select ‘Pokemon Portal’
  3. Select ‘Mystery Gift’
  4. Select ‘Connect to Pokemon GO’
  5. Select ‘Pair with a Pokemon Go account’ if you haven’t already (you can do this once per day)
    • Launch Pokemon Go
    • Navigate to settings
    • Scroll down to ‘Nintendo Switch’
    • Select ‘Connect to Nintendo Switch’
    • Select ‘Yes’ on your Nintendo Switch screen once paired
  6. Select ‘Connect to Pokemon GO’ in Scarlet/Violet
  7. Tap on your profile in Pokemon Go
  8. Navigate to your ‘Postcard Book’
  9. Select any postcard (this only works if you have pinned postcards you’ve received from a friend)
  10. Tap the icon with three bars and select ‘Sent to Nintendo Switch’
  11. Tap ‘Send,’ then ‘Yes,’ then ‘Ok’
  12. The gift will automatically be opened, and new Vivillon will start to appear in Paldea in their normal spawn locations

That’s everything you need to know about obtaining different Vivillon patterns in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet! Check out more Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides below:

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