How to get Bottle Caps in Pokemon Sword & Shield: Hyper Training guide

by David Purcell


Pokemon Sword and Shield trainers can collect Bottle Caps, just like you can in Fall0ut, although they have a much higher value in the Galar Region than what they do in the wastelands. 

Game Freak's popular games have a number of different currencies and each can be spent on different things, with general coins being spent in supermarkets and a new Watts currency being able to be exchanged for goods from NPCs across the map.

While those two are easy to obtain, simply by battling against different Pokemon in the Wild Area and other trainers, Bottle Caps are slightly rarer to find in-game and can be spent on something really useful – stat upgrades for your team.


How to get Bottle Caps

Digging duo in Pokemon
Pokemon / Nintendo
The Digging Duo will help you find fossils in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but can also help with Bottle Cap excavation too.

Bottle Caps can be obtained in Pokemon Sword and Shield in a few ways, but it's worth noting that there are two types to look out for. The first is an ordinary Bottle Cap, and the second is a Gold Bottle Cap.

The golden version is much rarer and there is currently no way of purchasing one in-game with other currencies, while standard ones can actually be bought. It's worth noting that completing the game will make your search for Caps much easier, too.

Anyway, here's all of the ways you can get them in-game:

  • Dig with the Skill Brother of the Digging Duo, who can be found in the Wild Area
  • Max Raid Battles once the game is completed
  • High level Pokemon, between 80-100, with the Pickup Ability
  • Purchase them
  • Ranked Battle rewards
  • Win Battles at the Battle Tower


Where to buy Bottle Caps

Pokemon / Nintendo
Pokemon / Nintendo
Spend your Battle Points on Bottle Caps at the BP store, once you have completed the game.

You will have noticed that one of the options mentioned buying them and if you're interested in taking that route, you better have enough Battle Points on you to get ahold of them.

Battle Points (BP) are another currency that can be acquired by defeating other trainers in the Battle Tower – or easily acquired by redeeming free mystery gift codes – and by visiting the Battle Tower BP shop you can buy a few Bottle Caps whenever you like.

They will set you back 25BP a pop, though, which is probably worth it if you're looking to Hyper Train your Pokemon.


How to Hyper Train Pokemon in Sword & Shield

Which Bottle Cap you have, and how many you're holding, will decide how much Hyper Training you can complete in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The difference between them is that regular Bottle Caps can be used to max out one stat for your Pokemon, while a Gold Bottle cap allows you to max them all out in one fell swoop.

To do this, as the image shows below, you're going to have to go to the Battle Tower and complete battles until you have reached at least rank four. At this level, you will unlock the IV Judge, giving you a greater insight into each Pokemon's individual stats in your team.


From there, speak to the NPC character at the desk inside the Battle Tower, hand over your Bottle Caps and pick a Pokemon you would like to see Hyper Trained. Bare in mind, though, that they have to be level 100 before any Hyper Training can be performed.

So, there you have it! Now you know how to get more Bottle Caps in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the differences between the two types, and what you can spend it on.

Hopefully, once Hyper Trained, your bunch of Pokemon will be ready to take on the next challenge in the Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra, when the DLC expansion packs are released.