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How to find rare Larvesta & Volcarona in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Published: 18/Jun/2020 10:20 Updated: 18/Jun/2020 11:05

by David Purcell


Two of the rarest Pokemon in previous games have appeared in the Galar Region as part of the Isle of Armor Expansion, Larvesta and Volcarona, leaving players wondering how to find them in-game.

The Gen 5 Pokemon were added as part of the new DLC pack on June 17, and were previously difficult to find in the Unova region. That trend continues with the current crop of games

As many trainers will know by now, the former evolves into the latter, meaning that if you grab yourself a Larvesta you’ll almost certainly unlock its final form in your Pokedex sometime soon. So, let’s take a look at how to catch one.

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Larvesta & Volcarona locations in Pokemon Isle of Armor

There’s actually a lack of information regarding the locations and ways to catch these two, as it’s still very early days for the Expansion Pass.


However, in terms of locations, we’re already aware of a few spots in the Isle of Armor where these can be found, and in what conditions, too. It can be found in the wild, wandering around either at the Forest of Focus or Loop Lagoon. 

loop lagoon in pokemon sword and shield
Pokemon / Nintendo
Loop Lagoon is one of the places Larvesta spawns in the Isle of Armor.

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Best time to find Larvesta in Pokemon Sword & Shield

There’s a chance that there are other spots where it spawns, but those are known locations as of writing, and they appear to only be available for encounters in intense sunlight. According to, as well, intense sunlight will be the locked weather option on July 1 – so maybe then will be the best time to find one!


Loop Lagoon location in Pokemon Sword & Shield

If you’re looking for Loop Lagoon on the Isle of Armor map (after all, much of this island is still new to players), the map below should point you in the right direction.

Pokemon / Nintendo
Loop Lagoon can be accessed by travelling from Challenge Beach – surfing in the water.

The other location where Larvesta can be found, the Forest of Focus, can be found

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How to evolve Larvesta to Volcarona in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Evolving your Larvesta is quite rewarding, as the level you have to train it to for it to finally reach final form is rather high – 59.

Volcarona pokemon isle of armor
The Pokemon Company
Volcarona is definitely a Pokemon many trainers will want to add to their teams in Sword & Shield!

As soon as you reach that level, you will finally have a Volcarona in the Galar Region. Another one to scratch off the Pokedex, right? That, and you will have a very powerful bug and fire-type Pokemon on your hands to give you a hand in battle.


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