How to find Lycanroc in New Pokemon Snap

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Fancy adding some bite to your Photodex? Here’s how to find Lycanroc in its midnight form in New Pokemon Snap. 

While New Pokemon Snap truly is a blast from the past, it has a whole host of Pokemon that weren’t available back in 1999.

One of those is Lycanroc, the Rock-type wolf Pokemon that first made its debut in Generation 7. One of Alola’s most iconic creatures thanks to its two radically different forms, it’s managed to meander its way into Pokemon Snap’s highly anticipated remake.

So, if you’re looking to grab some clean pictures of the fearsome lupine ‘mon, then here’s how to find the Midnight Form Lycanroc in New Pokemon Snap.

Lycanroc Midnight form
The Pokemon Company
Midnight form Lycanroc was anti-hero Gladion’s closest companion during Sun & Moon.

Midnight Lycanroc’s location in New Pokemon Snap

Finding Lycanroc in its midnight form is a pretty simple task, however you need to make sure that you have achieved Research Level 1 before you attempt to snap some pictures of the title’s resident werewolf.

Additionally, getting Research Level 2 opens up a new pathway around the Oasis. You’ll be able to encounter Lycanroc causing some mischief that’s out of the norm, giving you a much cooler photo.

How to find Midnight Form Lycanroc

Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Head to Sweltering Sands at night.
  2. Make your way to the Oasis.
  3. Lycanroc can be found on two different paths:
    • On the right-hand path, one Lycanroc can be found chasing an unfortunate Sandshrew.
    • On the left-hand path, one Lycanroc will be stalking around next to the crater.
  4. Throw a Fluffruit and get ready to snap.

So that’s everything you need to do to find the wolf Pokemon in all its glory. Make sure you come stocked up with fluffruit, though, unless you want to end up like that poor Sandshrew!

Got a snapshot you’re particularly proud of? We want to see it! Tweet us your pictures at @PokemonSwordNS and flaunt your skills to the world!

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