How to find and catch Shiny Vulpix in Pokemon Go


Shiny Pokemon are one of the most sought-after aspects of any Pokemon game. While it may seem impossible to find one, there are certain methods you can take to increase your chances.

The high-flying mobile game Pokemon Go is a fantastic way to get outside and explore while finding and catching some of your favorite Pokemon. With a vast array of ‘mon to find and catch, there is always a chance you will encounter a Shiny.

Shiny Pokemon are different colored variants that are rather rare to encounter within the game. Vulpix is a classic from the Kanto region and if you are on the lookout for its beautiful variant, then you have come to the right place!

shiny vulpixNiantic
Beware as this form of Vulpix is the Alolan regional form of Vulpix

What are Shiny Pokemon?

These Pokemon are rare variants of Pokemon that players will encounter within the wild from time to time. And by time to time, we mean hardly ever, as they are special forms that players specifically hunt for within new games due to their rare value.

Where to find Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Normally in mainstream games, players would simply encounter these Shiny Pokemon during encounters within the wild. But, in Go, there are various ways fans are able to find these Pokemon.

As well, in Go not all ‘mon currently have Shiny variants; but we can assume more are going to be added in the near future.

shiny pokemon in pokemon go Niantic
Shiny Pokemon offer some interesting color combinations

Niantic has outlined some of the methods players will be able to run into Shiny Pokemon within their mobile game.

  • Wild encounters
  • Raid Boss encounters
  • Special Research breakthroughs
  • Research Task rewards
  • Event-limited Pokemon
    • This includes:
      • Smeargle, Ditto, Unown, and Meltan

How to catch Shiny Vulpix

Since finding a Shiny Pokemon within Pokemon Go is going to take an ample amount of luck, there are various ways you get about increasing the probability of finding one. While it may seem like a dreadful task at first glance, Vulpix offers one of the coolest colorways among Shinies.

It has an increased spawn rate within residential areas and highly dense portions of a town; so it is best to head over to your cities main point in order to increase your chance of encountering this Pokemon. As well, players can take advantage of using lures near Pokestops; as this may warrant more to spawn around you; but you may not get so lucky when doing this method.

pokemon go Niantic
Pokemon Go is a stellar game to play

One aspect to be careful of when trying to catch Shiny Vulpix is the Alolan form that it has. While at first, this iced-out variant may look to be the Shiny version, it is not!

The rare form will be indicated by its slightly different colors as compared to the normal Kanto version.