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How to evolve Mr. Mime into Mr. Rime in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Published: 19/Nov/2019 15:03

by Jacob Hale


With the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield a number of Pokemon have been given new additions to their evolutionary chain or alternative forms to capture. One of these Pokemon is the much beloved Mr. Mime, which can evolve into Mr. Rime in the franchise’s newest games.

After the introduction of Mime Jr. in Generation 4 with the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl versions, another Pokemon has been added to the Mime evolutionary chain, bringing the dual Psychic/Ice-type Mr. Rime into the universe.

As is the case with many other original forms that can be found in the Galar Region, the Galarian Mr. Mime looks very different to what fans are used to. So, let’s take a look at where to find this species and how to evolve it.


Where to find Mr. Mime in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon WikiMr. Mime has been in Pokemon since the very first games, Blue and Red, which released in 1996.

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Mr. Mime has always been a somewhat elusive Pokemon in every game, rarely an easy one to catch, and the newest additions to the franchise mark no exception to this.

To capture Mr. Mime in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you have to head to Route 10, around the Winter Hill Station and Lake of Outrage in either game. At Route 10, Mr. Mime has a 40% rarity according to, much better odds than the 30% rarity at Winter Hill Station or the 13% at Lake of Outrage.

In the latter location, Mr. Mime can be found between levels 50-52, while at Winter Hill Station and on Route 10 it’s more likely to be found between levels 45-48. Due to it being found in Galar, it will already be the Galarian form, meaning it’s ready to evolve into Mr. Rime as soon as you level it up.


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How to evolve Mr. Mime into Mr. Rime

NintendoMr. Rime is a new addition to the Pokemon universe

Evolving Mr. Mime into Mr. Rime is a relatively simple process. All you have to do is level up your Mr. Mime to level 42, an easy task considering every Mr. Mime caught in the wild will be at least level 45. All you have to do is level up your Mr. Mime once and you’ve got Mr. Rime!

If you would rather train your Pokemon from a low level to get its stats in prime condition, you can also breed a Mr. Mime in the Galar region and evolve it up from Mime Jr., in which case it will evolve into Mr. Mime as soon as it knows Mimic – which it learns at level 32.

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Doing it this way would mean your Mr. Mime evolves at level 42 and will statistically be better than one you’ve caught in the wild.

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There you have it! A Mr. Rime to complete your Pokemon Sword and Shield party. The Psychic and Ice-type duality is a great combination to add to your team, but it does have a number of type disadvantages to avoid – such as playing against Fire, Rock, Steel, Dark, Ghost and Bug-type Pokemon.