How to evolve Haunter into Gengar in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Haunter about to evolve into Gengar in Pokemon Legends Arceus
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Wondering how to evolve Haunter in Pokemon Legends Arceus? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as our guide will help you get a Gengar of your own.

Catching ’em all is the goal of any Pokemon game, but it’s arguably more important than ever in Legends Arceus, where you’ll spend most of your time out in the field completing research on every species in Hisui.

As always, evolving Pokemon is a key part of filling out your Pokedex. Not every evolution is as simple as just leveling up, though, with some species requiring a specific item or condition to be able to evolve.

Whether you’re looking to fill out your Pokedex or you just want your favorite Ghastly to finish its evolution journey, you’ll find all the details you need to evolve Haunter into Gengar below.


Haunter in Pokemon Legends Arceus
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Haunter requires a specific method to evolve it.

How to evolve Haunter in Pokemon Legends Arceus

There are actually two ways to evolve Haunter in Pokemon Legends Arceus:

  • Trade Haunter with another player and then trade it back.
  • Give Haunter a Linking Cord item to hold.

Trading is the traditional method of evolving Haunter into Gengar, which has been the case since the early days of Pokemon Red and Blue on the Game Boy. Simply trade Haunter with a friend, then trade it back.

Alternatively, a Linking Cord can be given to Haunter to evolve it into Gengar. The Linking Cord is a new item in Pokemon Legends Arceus that works in the same way as classic evolution items like the Leaf Stone.

Once you give a Linking Cord to Haunter, it will evolve into Gengar immediately with no need to wait around for it to level up. This is the easiest way to evolve Haunter, especially for those who can’t trade.

How to get a Linking Cord in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The main way to get a Linking Cord item in Pokemon Legends Arceus is to purchase one from the Trading Post in front of the Training Grounds in Jubilife Village. They cost 1000 Merit Points (MP).

You can earn MP by completing Lost & Found quests from the Communications menu. These require you to go out into the field and collect various Lost Satchels, which appear on the map to help you find them.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Trading Post in Jubilife Village screenshot.
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The Trading Post in Jubilife Village sells Linking Cords for Merit Points.

Another guaranteed way to get a Linking Cord is to complete Request 64: Getting To Know The Ghosts, which is given out by the Ward in Jubilife Village after finishing the Scaling Perilous Heights main story mission.

Finally, there’s a small chance of finding a Linking Cord by destroying shaking Ores when out in the field. Pokemon will pop out of them and attack, but they will also give you rare items, so keep an eye out for them.

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