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How to get Miltank in Pokemon Go for Johto Collection Challenge

Published: 27/Jan/2021 13:16

by Alex Garton


The ongoing Johto Collection Challenge requires players to catch a range of Pokemon, one of which is Miltank. The Normal-type Pokemon is proving to be rather elusive for some players, so here are the best methods to catch it.

Pokemon GO has been dedicating a special event to each of the regions found in-game and celebrating the creatures that reside within them. Right now, players are taking part in the Johto Collection Challenge that tasks players with collecting a range of Pokemon from the Johto region.

With nine individual Pokemon to collect, it’s fair to say that players have got a challenge on their hands to complete the event. However, a few of them on the list are proving to be harder to find than others. The Normal-type Pokemon Miltank is one such creature, so let’s dive in and check out how you can find and catch it as fast as possible.


The Johto Collection Event runs until January 31.

How to catch Miltank in Pokemon Go

Luckily, there are a number of ways to catch Miltank during the Johto Collection event. For starters, players who enjoy looking for Pokemon out in the wild may want to look for it whilst exploring. The Johto event means that the Pokemon is spawning more often in the wild, so if you love getting out and about, this could be the perfect method for you.

Another option is to look out for the Field Research task ‘Use 7 berries to help catch Pokemon, which will always reward a player with Miltank, meaning you don’t have to rely on luck. Unfortunately, not every player will receive this Research Task, so it’s just a case of keeping your fingers crossed and looking out for it.


Finally, throughout the ongoing Johto event, Miltank will feature in three-star raids at random gyms. Be sure to check out your local gyms to see if Miltank is there to be taken down.

Pokemon Go graphic
There are nine Pokemon in total to collect for the Johto Collection Event.

Hopefully, this guide will ensure you find and catch a Miltank Pokemon in no-time. However, as with any encounter, there is a bit of luck involved so be patient and the Pokemon is bound to show its face eventually.