How to catch and find Shiny Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go

shiny shadow guide goNiantic

Shadow Pokemon offer some of the best shiny variants within Pokemon Go and players are always on the hunt for them. Here’s how you can catch and find the best ones.

With Pokemon Go maintaining its status as one of the top mobile titles, developer Niantic has remained stable in its updates to the game. One addition to the title is encountering Shadow Pokemon.

These elusive variants can be found by encountering specific NPCs within the game, and there is actually a way to run into a shiny Shadow Pokemon if you are so lucky. Here’s a rundown of where and how you can catch and find shiny Shadow Pokemon Go!

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team rocket leaders Niantic
Team Rocket leaders in Go: Arlo, Cliff and Sierra

What are Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon are ultra-rare variants of Pokemon that players will encounter throughout battles and encounters within Go. These Pokemon differ as they are hardly found by players, this is because they are special forms that players specifically hunt for within new games due to their rare value.

What are Shadow Pokemon

If you are on the hunt for one of these Pokemon, you are first going to need to know what they are.

Shadow Pokemon are ones that have been altered by Team Rocket, as they will glow with a purple tint when you encounter one. As well, they typically have red glaring eyes that are frighting at first.

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what are shadow pokemonNiantic
Shadow Pokemon are terrifying!

In order to find one of these Pokemon within Go, you are going to have to encounter and defeat a Team Rocket member. This can be in the form of a Grunt or one of the three Leaders (Arlo, Cliff, or Sirenna), and once you defeat one of them you will begin a special encounter called Rescue Shadow Pokemon. This is where players will be able to capture one of these Pokemon and have the chance to run into a shiny form!

How to find a shiny Shadow Pokemon

Now that you are aware of how to find these Shadow Pokemon, the only possible way to find a shiny Shadow Pokemon is through the following steps.

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  1. Encounter and defeat a Team Rocket Grunt or Leader
  2. Proceed to enter the rescue mission for the Shadow Pokemon
  3. After rescuing the Pokemon, there is a slim chance the Pokemon will be a shiny

One special note is that during the battle itself, you will not be able to know if the Pokemon is shiny or not. You will only know once the battle is complete and the Pokemon is rescued.

Can I get shiny Shadow Pokemon from Team Rocket Grunts?

Yes, while these Grunts are at the bottom of the food chain in regards to Team Rocket, they still offer a chance to obtain a shiny Pokemon. However, it is good to note, that it is still rare to find a shiny Pokemon regardless of the level of the Team Rocket member.

team rocket gruntsNiantic
Team Rocket Grunts are all over Go

Best counters for Arlo, Sierra, and Cliff

If you are looking to take down one of the Team Rocket Leaders within Go, then we have compiled some of the best counters you should take into battle beforehand. Check them out below.

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Shiny Pokemon are always a hot commodity within Go, and if you are able to snag a shiny Shadow Pokemon then you are extremely lucky!