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How to beat Entei in Pokemon Go: strategy & best counters

Published: 26/Jan/2021 17:11

by Daniel Megarry


Pokemon Go is celebrating the Johto region by featuring raid battles with the popular Legendary creature Entei. Here are the best counters to beat it fast.

In the build-up to the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event, which marks the franchise’s 25th anniversary, Niantic are celebrating several popular regions from previous generations with Collection Challenges, research tasks, and Legendary raid battles.

Right now, players can take on one of Gen 2’s Legendary creatures, Entei, which will be appearing in five-star raids from Tuesday, January 26, 2021, at 10 AM to Sunday, January 31, 2021, at 10 AM local time.

The fearsome beast has appeared in Pokemon Go before, but its return means players will have the chance to bag themselves an Entei with a higher CP, or maybe even find an elusive Shiny version.


Pokemon Entei
The Pokemon Company
Entei is returning to Pokemon Go in five-star raid battles.

How to defeat Entei in Pokemon Go raid battle

Entei first appeared in Gold and Silver on the Gameboy Color in 1999, and like its fellow Legendary beasts Raikou and Suicune, it’s become a favorite among longtime Pokemon fans over the last two decades.

Entei is a formidable foe indeed, and with this being a five-star raid, players should expect it to be a rather difficult battle. Entei’s Boss CP is around 41,758 and it’s boosted by sunny weather, so keep that in mind.

Fortunately, the Fire-type Legendary beast has multiple weaknesses that you can exploit to make things a lot easier. Players will want to focus on Ground, Rock, and Water types to have the best chance at winning.


Kyogre Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
Kyogre is a solid choice to take on Entei in raid battles.

Best counters for Entei in Pokemon Go

  • Rampardos: The Rock-type Pokemon that was introduced in Gen 4 can use both Smack Down and Rock Slide to take advantage of the Legendary beast’s Rock weakness.
  • Kyogre: A fan-favorite Legendary from Gen 3, the whale Kyogre can utilize Water-type moves Waterfall and Surf to take on Entei.
  • Rhyperior: Being both Ground and Rock-type, Rhyperior is the perfect combination to take on Entei with Mud-Slap and Rock Wrecker.
  • Kingler: It may be common in the world of Pokemon Go, but Kingler is a solid choice. We recommend using Bubble and Crabhammer to take on Entei.
  • Swampert: This Mudkip evolution is another great Water-type Pokemon to add to your team when taking on Entei, with Water Gun and Hydro Cannon being the best moves.

The absolute best Pokemon to defeat Entei would be Mega Blastoise with Water Gun and Hydro Cannon, but if that’s not available then any of the Pokemon listed above should be more than enough.

In theory, two high-level players could take down Entei together, but we’d recommend you tackle this Legendary beast with at least three to five players if you want to have the best shot at success.

If you’re looking for the other Johto Legendaries, then fear not: Raikou will appear in five-star raids from January 31 to February 4, while Suicune will appear in five-star raids from February 4 to February 9.