How to beat 7-star Hisuian Samurott Tera Raid: Best counters in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Hisuian Samurott appears on a beach in Pokemon Legends: ArceusGame Freak/The Pokemon Company

Learn how to counter and catch the heartless water-type creature as part of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s 7-star Hisuian Samurott Water-type Tera Raid event.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are getting ready to drop another rare Pokemon, and this time, fans can expect the addition of Hisuian Samurott from Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the dual Water/Dark-type form of Oshawott’s final evolution.

Game Freak is bringing Hisuian Samurott to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in the latest 7-star Tera Raid event, and just like the previous 7-star Raids, this is one tough opponent that demands a smart battle strategy. So, learn all about it in our guide:

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The Pokemon Hisuian Samurott appears in a tera raidGame Freak/The Pokemon Company

When will Hisuian Samurott appear in Tera Raids?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will host the 7-star Hisuian Samurott Tera Raid events on two separate weekends.

The first runs from 00:00 UTC on November 24, 2023, until 23:59 UTC on November 26, 2023. The second round runs the following weekend, from 00:00 UTC on December 1, 2023, until 23:59 on December 3, 2023.

Hisuian Samurott moveset and type

Hisuian Samurott is a dual Water and Dark-type, using a mixture of strong physical attacks of both types alongside its base attack stat of 108.

The Hisuian Samurott appearing in 7-star Tera Raid battles has the Mightiest Mark, and will use the Water Tera Type, adding additional STAB power to fierce physical water moves such as Aqua Tail and Aqua Jet.

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Its Moveset and Abilities are listed below:

Abilities / Nature:

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  • Tera Type: Water
  • Ability: Sharpness
  • Nature: Adamant


  • Ceaseless Edge
  • Razor Shell
  • X-Scissor
  • Sacred Sword
  • Swords Dance
  • Focus Energy
  • Bulldoze

Best Hisuian Samurott counters

Thanks to the type and moveset of Hisuian Samurott we know that some of the following Pokemon are viable counters for Hisuian Samurott in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s 7-star Tera Raid event:

PokemonMovesNatureAbilityHeld ItemTera Type
MiraidonParabolic Charge, Reflect, Metal Sound, Electric TerrainModestHadron EngineMetronomeElectric
Iron HandsDrain Punch, Thunder Punch, Iron Defense, Belly DrumAdamantQuark DriveBooster EnergyElectric
BelliboltParabolic Charge, Mud-Slap, Slack Off, ReflectModestElectromorphosisShell BellElectric

Miraidon is by far the best counter for the Hisuian Samurott Tera Raid. Its resistance to Water-type moves and Reflect makes it a great tank, and the healing with Parabolic Charge will keep you fighting for longer. On top of this, Taunt prevents Hisuian Samurott from setting up with Swords Dance or Focus Energy, and Metal Sound will lower the Raid Boss’ Special Defense stat in effect, buffing Miraidon’s offense.

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Iron Hands has a great attack stat and is a fantastic heavy-hitter for this Raid. Using the Quark Drive ability, and Booster Energy item, Iron Hands can be an unstoppable force. Add this to its Adamant nature and you’ll be able to maximise your damage and power.

Bellibolt is a great Hisuian Samurott Tera Raid counter thanks to its Electromorphosis Ability and Parabolic Charge. As you spam Parabolic Charge, you can add to the power boosts with Metronome, making Bellibilt a great choice.

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That’s all we have for now, but we’ll give more detailed counters when we know what moves Hisuian Samurott will use. For now, use our guide to learn all about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raid Events. Then check out our great Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides below:

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