Hidden Pokemon Legends Arceus images drop big hints for Sinnoh Legendaries

Pokemon Legends Arceus next to Brilliant Diamond & Shining PearlGame Freak / ILCA / The Pokemon Company

New screenshots from Pokemon Legends Arceus may hint at popular Legendaries being included in the open-world title. Eagle-eyed fans spotted the references to mythical creatures hidden in plain sight.

After months of silence, Game Freak finally gave us our first major look at Pokemon Legends Arceus during an August Direct conference. The 2022 project is full of new features for the series and looks to be the franchise’s most ambitious evolution to date.

While it’s always been marketed as a Sinnoh origins story, players were unsure how much from Gen IV would actually show up in Arceus. New screenshots from the Nintendo Switch RPG sparked speculation, however, when fans spotted a hint at two famous Legendaries.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus ocean artworkGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Sinnoh origin title may feature two beloved Legendaries.

Pokemon Legends Arceus to feature beloved Legendaries?

Despite Game Freak’s major media blowout on Pokemon Legends Arceus, there is still a lot we don’t know about the project. Outside of knowing that the Hisui region will one day become Sinnoh, it’s unclear how much of the lore established in 2006’s Diamond & Pearl will appear in the Nintendo Switch RPG.

One eagle-eyed fan analyzing the screenshots from the game stumbled upon a campsite nestled in the mountains with familiar imagery. “Oh look what I found tucked away,” user James Kard posted, uploading a picture that showcases the living quarters.

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Where it gets interesting is popular Pokemon expert Eclipse pointed out that they are villagers who look to be based on Diamond Legendary Dialga. The campsite can actually be found on the official Legends Arceus map, and in the picture, the people and their tent clearly have the colors and design of Dialga.

Even more interesting is that there is a second village located to the very north of the Hisui region map that has a campsite with colors and design of Pearl Legendary, Palkia. Unless this is purely an easter egg, this would mean people in Legends Arceus are aware of the creation trio Legendaries.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus map Palkia village.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
A village can be found on the Legends Arceus map with the colors of Palkia.

Given that Pokemon Legends focuses on the series “creator” Arceus, it wouldn’t be that surprising to also see Dialga & Palkia make an appearance in the Sinnoh origin title. Although it could simply just be lore where Hisui citizens are aware of their existence. Either way, it’s a pretty cool inclusion. The discovery has led many players to speculate as to what the tiny campsites could be.

Some have theorized that they could be puzzles similar to the mini-temples in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Others believe they will be story-based locations, involving the mythical space and time creatures. Regardless, it seems more and more likely that the Diamond & Pearl mascots will have some kind of appearance in the 2022 titles in some form or another.

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