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‘GO Battle Night’ postponed in Pokemon Go – everything we know so far

Published: 23/Sep/2020 22:45

by Paul Cot


There’s something new and exciting coming in GO Battle League Season 4. GO Battle Night is exactly what GBL enthusiasts have wanted for a while now.

“Hone your skills and prove your mettle against your fellow Pokémon GO Trainers with one night of glorious battles,” the Pokemon Company shared on their blog. Whether you’re an ultra competitive Pokemon Go PvP player looking to boost your wins or just want to try out some new Pokemon, GO Battle Night is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Update: GO Battle Night along with the Flying Cup has been postponed. A new date has yet to be scheduled.


Hopefully we will get a new date soon, however. Trainers will be wary though, as we’re still waiting for that Lugia Aeroblast event!

Start time

GO Battle Night will take place on Thursday, September 24 at 6pm in your local time. It will run for nearly six hours until 11:59pm.

We’re not sure why it finishes at 59 minutes past the hour but maybe six hours is just too long!

What happens in GO Battle Night?

If it wasn’t obvious by the name, there will be a lot of battling in GO Battle League. During the event window you’ll be able to complete up to 20 sets of GBL matches. That’s up to 100 battles!


In addition to that, you’ll receive twice the Stardust for winning a battle, completing sets and even ranking up. If you combine this with using a Star Piece, you can really rack up the Stardust during this event.

Another bonus of GO Battle Night is that if you evolve Pidgeotto into Pidgeot, it will know the Fast Move Gust. This is a notable improvement on its other flying-type Fast Move Air Slash as it has the same EPT of 3 but improves its DPT to 4.

Pidgeot Mega Evolution
Pidgeot is one of the few Pokemon you can Mega Evolve in Pokemon Go…

Flying cup

As the name suggests, the all-new Flying Cup competition is only eligible for flying-type Pokemon. There is also a limit of 1,500 CP.


At this stage it isn’t clear whether the Flying Cup will run in parallel with Great League. Trainers will of course be hoping they do, though.