Glaceon revealed in Pokemon Unite: Moves, stats, release date

Terry Oh
Pokemon Unite GlaceonTIMI

Glaceon was revealed in Pokemon Unite as one of three special additions during the game’s anniversary event, and now leaks are showing what the new Pokemon has in store in terms of moves and stats. Here’s what we know, including the official release date and time.

Glaceon is the ice type eeveelution that was initially introduced in Generation IV. Similar to the other eeveelutions, this one also boasts a high special attack, and thereby plays as a ranged attacker in Pokemon Unite.

Making its debut on July 21 in Pokemon Unite, players are understandably curious as to its move sets, release time, and stats.

Here is everything currently known about Glaceon, the brand new addition to the Pokemon Mobile MOBA.

The ice eeveelution, Glaceon, is joining Pokemon Unite

Glaceon release date in Pokemon Unite

Glaceon will release in Pokemon Unite on July 21, 2022 at 00:00 UTC. This is an official release date and time, announced by the developers alongside data mined by ElChicoEevee.

As for the Pokemon Unite Glaceon cost and price, players can earn the Glaceon for free by simply finishing the anniversary missions. But for the impatient, the Pokemon costs 575 Aoes Gems.

Glaceon stats in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Glaceon StatsTwitter: ElcChicoEevee
Datamined stats for Glaceon, courtesy to ElChicoEevee.

Though this shouldn’t come as a surprise to many familiar with the previous eeveelutions in Pokemon Unite, Glaceon evolves at level 4. Expect the same move upgrade patterns as Sylveon and Espeon.

One of the most notable things about this pokemon is that it can crit. For a special attacker, that’s quite the unique trait — thereby warranting a lot of the critical hit oriented builds surrounding it.

Glaceon Moves in Pokemon Unite

With Glaceon hitting Pokemon Unite’s public test server, players are already getting the hang of their new moves. The abilities were leaked by ElChicoEevee just before the test launched.

Glaceon creates ice shards that surround Glaceon with each boosted attack. These stack two with each boosted attack, launching all at once upon using either Icy Wind or Icicle Spear. This creates a reliance on attack speed, which is a rather interesting mechanic for a special attacker.

As a whole, Glaceon’s play style revolves heavily around stacking these ice shards. Its ultimate allows faster spawning icicles, and base damage output relies on these.

And since Glaceon can actually crit, something no other special attacker in the game can do, its held item builds resembles a physical attacker far more than a casting special attacker.