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Gigantamax Eevee and Meowth are finally coming to Pokemon Sword & Shield

Published: 12/May/2020 22:35 Updated: 12/May/2020 22:52

by Paul Cot


For the first time in-game, Gigantamax Eevee and Gigantamax Meowth are coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield but not quite yet.

Firstly, trainers will be encounter Gigantamax Pikachu, which is fondly referred to in some quarters as “Fat Pikachu”. It will be available in Max Raid Battles until May 19.

At this point it will be replaced by Gigantamax Eevee until May 26. This will be followed by Gigantamax Meowth until June 2.

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This will give trainers plenty of opportunity to capture the ever popular Gen 1 ‘mons. They will replace Dragapult, Excadrill, Rotom, Togekiss, Tyranitar and Whimsicott which were in the previous Max Raid rotation.


You’ll know when these Pokemon are available as there will be a pink pillar of light shining from one of the many Pokemon Dens dotted around the Wild Area. It should be noted an Internet connection is required.

Eevee Pikachu Meowth Gigantamax
Pokemon Company
Pikachu, Eevee and Meowth are the featured Gigantamax Pokemon during May…

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Outside of events, Gigantamax Pokemon appear very occasionally but during these rotations, their chances are boosted. This only applies to the featured Pokemon, however.

Pikachu and Eevee had previously been available for those who own the respective version of Pokemon Let’s Go. Until now this was the only way to get them.

Gigantamax Pikachu

Gigantamax Pikachu is so powerful it can produce enough electricity that rivals a power plant. Its tail acts as the source of its power, with the energy it generates in the sacs on its face transferred to there.


“Electric-type moves used by Gigantamax Pikachu will change to G-Max Volt Crash. G-Max Volt Crash not only deals damage but also paralyzes all opponents,” the official Pokemon website reveals.

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Gigantamax Eevee

Eevee is a friendly Pokemon that a lot of species probably don’t want to do battle with at the best of times. Its Gigantamax form only increases this feeling. The fur around its neck is so fluffy that Pokemon battling it lose the will to fight.

“Normal-type attacks used by Gigantamax Eevee will change to G-Max Cuddle. G-Max Cuddle doesn’t only deal damage when it hits—any opponent that is the opposite gender of Eevee will become infatuated!”


Gigantamax Meowth

Gigantamax Meowth’s most notable feature is the length of its body. The coin on its head drastically increases in size, too, in its Gigantamax form. This emits huge amounts of power filling the surrounding area with a powerful golden gleam.

“Normal-type attacks used by Gigantamax Meowth will change to G-Max Gold Rush. G-Max Gold Rush deals damage to opponents, of course, but that’s not all! It will also scatter coins all over the area, giving you a considerable in-game cash bonus after the battle!”