Genius Pokemon Legends Arceus trick lets trainers cross water without Basculegion

Genius Pokemon Legends Arceus trick lets trainers cross water without BasculegionGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Legends Arceus player has discovered a genius way to cross water in the Hisui region without having the Basculegion mount unlocked.

In the first two maps, trainers can’t access certain areas as they’re blocked off by rivers with no way to get across – if they try to swim, they drown.

Basculegion is unlocked in the Cobalt Coastlands, allowing players to surf on water, but one fan has found a way to bypass this in the early game and it’s brilliant.

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How to cross water without Basculegion in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The video was first created and posted to YouTube by ‘ふぅ‘ but it didn’t make waves until Reddit user ‘edgar314’ shared it to the u/PokemonLegendsArceus forum.

Titled “How to cross any body of water without unlocking Basculegion,” the clip shows the Japanese player standing in the middle of a river on the back of a Bibarel, having used a party of them to get there.

The trainer cycled out each Pokemon to slowly walk across their backs across the water and to the other side, bypassing the need to obtain Basculegion from the Cobalt Coastlands.

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This is a helpful, but presumably somewhat time-consuming, way of accessing areas – such as Ramanas Island in the Obsidian Fieldlands – that you wouldn’t normally be able to without the mount.

A similar technique is also used with Braviary to gain altitude, with players using it to access to the top of Snowpoint Temple in particular without having to travel through the building.

Simply hold Y and press the + button and A in quick succession repeatedly while riding the mount and it will slowly start to rise up.

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Game Freak has introduced a wealth of new mechanics to help trainers traverse through the vast wilderness of the Hisui region, from Noble Pokemon mounts to fast travel waypoints.

Players have continued to find new ways to cleverly move around the Sinnoh origins title – even if said methods are not intended. It will be interesting to see what the community discovers next.