Genius Pokemon Diamond fan transforms foldable phone into playable Nintendo DS

. 4 months ago
Genius Pokemon fan uses foldable phone to play Diamond on Nintendo DS
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A big-brained Pokemon fan showed off a genius way of playing Nintendo DS games by using their Samsung Z Fold3 phone as the perfect emulator.

Preservation via emulation has long been a big part of video game history as it allows fans to go back in time to play classic titles that, a lot of the time, they wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.

Emulators for almost every single console exist, with one fan taking it to the next level by using their foldable phone to simulate a Nintendo DS to enhance their Pokemon Diamond experience.

Pokemon fan turns foldable phone into Nintendo DS

Twitter user and YouTuber MrNobre went viral after sharing a video clip of the emulation in action on March 18. “Folding phones are useless, you said,” he captioned it.

In the clip, the Samsung Z Fold3 displays a Nintendo DS, with the fan playing the original Pokemon Diamond on it by physically touching the screen where the buttons are.

MrNobre used an emulator called DraStic DS with a DS skin overlay to recreate the console and we have to admit, it looks epic.

The YouTuber later followed up with a video explaining about the phone and how it works and admitted that it is actually better to play on an actual console.

“I didn’t buy this for emulation, I just thought it would be funny to have a DS game running on it,” he said. “That’s why I put Pokemon Diamond on it, I didn’t put much thought into it.”

If you’re interested in copying MrNobre’s setup, note that the Z Flip3 costs just under $2,000 USD so it is cheaper to buy an actual Nintendo DS.

Also, remember to use your own game files when emulating as downloading ROMs is illegal and could land you in hot water.

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