Game Freak finally updates Pokemon Home Magearna gift requirements

The Pokemon Company

After players reported the gift bug in early February, Game Freak has finally updated Pokemon Home so that players can acquire the rare ‘original color’ version of Magearna.  

Pokemon Home made its debut in February, allowing players to finally house all of their caught monsters in a single place. The paid service also gave trainers the ability to bring older generation characters into the 2019 released title Sword & Shield.

However only a couple days after launch, bugs began to pop up involving gifts. Some were receiving the previously unreleased ‘original’ color of Magearna, while others were left empty-handed. Game Freak has now taken steps to fix the issue.

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The Pokemon Company
The Sun & Moon mythical Pokemon made its debut in 2016.

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Since its debut in Sun & Moon in 2016, trainers have been obsessed with getting the red and gold variant of Magearna. After the release of Home on February 11, fans surprisingly began to report receiving the unreleased version as a gift.

According to reports, players were being rewarded for completing their ‘Living Dex’ with 890 entries. However, most trainers began to complain they were getting nothing at all despite achieving the massive feat.

Now, the latest maintenance to Home has seemed to fix the problem as reported by popular Pokemon site Serebii on Twitter. “Pokémon Home has pushed a fix for missing Challenges and potentially the Magearna gift,” they tweeted.

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After the update to the service went live, it now seems that you no longer have to complete the Living Dex, but instead the National Dex as players who had previously not been able to get the gift were now able to obtain it.

Twitter user ‘UnbreakableMugs’ confirmed the fix, saying that they now had been given the gift despite only having a National Dex completed. “Can confirm. Switch shows National as complete. Still got the gift,” they said.

Twitter: @UnbreakableMugs
Pokemon players started receiving the rare version of Magearna on Home.

Serebii confirmed the changes with an update on their site that stated “Game Freak have pushed out a server side fix that has seemingly fixed the missing challenges when you’ve already redeemed then and the Magearna gift. The Magearna gift no longer requires a Living Pokédex but just a full National Pokédex.”

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Major Pokemon outlet Serebii confirmed the changes in the maintenance.

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So it seems after years of waiting, trainers can now get their hands on the Steel/Fairy type’s original skin. While the recent fix on Home makes it easier obtain, you still need to have a complete National Dex.

The cloud-based service released in February, and cost players $2.99 a month. The app is a dream for completionists, and has given Sword & Shield new life as older generation Pokemon can finally be used in the latest mainline title in the Nintendo franchise.