Game-breaking Pokemon Legends Arceus glitch is locking save files

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Legends Arceus ver. 1.0.2 update is softlocking players out of completing the Hisui region story. Fans have come up with a temporary solution to the Legendary Cresselia glitch that is breaking save files.

After years of anticipation, Pokemon Legends Arceus finally launched in January 2022 to rave reviews from critics and fans who praised Game Freak’s take on the open-world genre.

Despite its success, a new glitch is wreaking havoc on Trainers catching Legendary Cresselia. Some players may be able to fix the bug that is locking users from progressing their game.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Mission 23 Melli Warden screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The new glitch occurs when players fail to talk to Warden Melli.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Cresselia glitch is soft-locking games

Players who progress through the game far enough will eventually receive Mission 23: The Plate of Moonview Arena. However, the February ver. 1.0.2 patch has introduced a new glitch during the mission that soft-locks Trainers’ save files.

The infuriating bug happens when users go straight to the Moonview Arena in Coronet Highlands to catch Cresselia instead of talking to Warden Melli first.

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If you catch the Legendary before talking to the NPC, the Warden will then refuse to talk to you which locks the progression of the game. The glitch is pretty devastating as Mission 23 must be finished in order to complete the main campaign.

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How to fix Pokemon Legends Arceus ver. 1.0.2 soft-lock glitch

Pokemon Legens Arceus startup screen.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Players can access a hidden backup save file at the title screen.

If you find yourself stuck on Mission 23 after catching Cresselia, you can override the bug by gaining access to a backup save file that the game keeps hidden from players.

Each time a Trainer travels to a map, the game creates a second save when you load in at camp. Here are the steps on how to fix the pesky glitch:

  1. Close your Pokemon Legends Arceus game and go back to the Switch console home menu.
  2. Boot up Pokemon Legends once again and wait until the title screen appears. 
  3. Once you are at the title screen, press UP + X + B at the same time to automatically load up your backup save file.
  4. Now that you are the save screen, press A to load up your game.
  5. You will now be loaded back to the Coronet Highlands campsite just moments before you caught Cresselia.
  6. Fast travel back to the Moonview Arena, but this time talk to Warden Melli first and then catch Cresselia.

At the time of writing, Game Freak has yet to address the game-breaking glitch. Only time will tell whether a future patch will fix the issue.

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