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Fortnite meets Pokemon Red in amazing Creative mode crossover

Published: 29/Jun/2019 23:04

by Eli Becht


Fortnite Creative opens up a vast array of opportunities for the more imaginative players out there, something we saw come to fruition with Pokemon Red being completely recreated.

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Ever since the Creative mode popped up, Fortnite players have been hard at work making their own modes and maps, perhaps the most famous being the Cizzorz Death Run

However, we’ve seen that you can also recreate whole games in Fortnite and this fan took two months making Pokemon Red – and it’s not even close to being finished!

YOUTUBE:COURAGEJDThrough Creative Mode, we’ve seen many ideas come to life in Fortnite, like the Cizzorz Death Run.
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The first generation Pokemon games, Red, Blue and Yellow, are all widely beloved and kickstarted many gaming careers. Those games helped turn the Pokemon franchise into the juggernaut it is today and now Reddit user FiveWalnut8586 is paying his respects.


This map features the game up until Mount Moon, which takes you to right before Cerulean City, home of the second gym badge. However, players are still able to pick their starting Pokemon and progress all the way through the Pewter City Gym, which features a recreation of Onix.

The Reddit post says this is just part one of the recreation so look forward to it expand even further in the coming months.

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It’s a very impressive show of what the Creative mode is capable of and we hope this is able to inspire more elaborate creations like this. If you’ve played Pokemon Red in the past, you will instantly be able to recognize the map and you’ll feel right at home. Perhaps this will lead someone to do a Johto creation next.


If you’re interested in checking out FiveWalnut’s creation, the map code is 2911-4244-1867. Just load up Fortnite Creative, enter the code and you’re on your way to reliving your childhood.