First look at shiny Onix, Anorith and Lileep from Pokemon Go Adventure Week event


Pokemon Go’s Adventure Week is now live, and images of the three new shiny Pokemon introduced in the event are already starting to appear.

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Adventure Week kicked off on June 4, and encourages Pokemon Go players to get out and explore while they hunt for rare versions of the game’s creatures.

The headline attractions of the Adventure Week event are three new shiny Pokemon in the form of Oynx, Anorith and Lileep that will appear in-game – if players are lucky enough to find them.

NianticPokemon Go’s Adventure Week is now underway.
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Due to their rarity, catching them is going to be an extremely difficult challenge, but thanks to a number of Reddit users, we can take a sneak peak at them.

Oynx is the only Generation One Pokemon to get a shiny version in the event, with the rock-type Pokemon changing its dull, grey appearance for a luminous green color which is sure to catch the eye of fans of the original 151 Pokemon.

/u/Deddo97A look at shiny Oynix in Pokemon Go.
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Niantic chose not delve into Generation Two for any shiny variants, instead opting for two Generation Three Pokemon in the form of Lileep and Anorith.

Lileep, which is a Rock/Grass Fossil type switches its purple body for a bright green shade, while its tentacles appear to take on a yellowish hue instead of the pink that most fans will be accustomed to.

/u/ThoBischShiny Lileep can be found in Pokemon Go.

Rock/Bug Pokemon Anorith also receives a dazzling color switch, ditching the olive green skin for a bright orange number, which appears to be a similar shade to water-type Krabby.

Anorith keeps the black detail across it’s back, giving the creature a new, intense look.

/u/PeppeneppeAnorith is bright orange in its shiny variant.

The Adventure Week event also includes other features for rabid Pokemon Go fans, including a higher frequency of rock-type Pokemon spawning in the wild, rock-type Pokemon hatching from 2 km eggs, and Field Research Tasks that will grant rewards to players who are able to complete them.

The Pokemon Go Adventure Week event lasts until June 11, with a special Community Day taking place on June 8.

This provides fans of the AR game with less than a week to get out and hunt for those rare shiny Pokemon!