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How to get Feebas and Milotic in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Published: 2/Dec/2019 22:02 Updated: 2/Dec/2019 22:59

by Paul Cot


Rare Pokemon glitter the Galar region, and they don’t come any rarer than Feebas. The innocent-looking fish Pokemon evolves into the powerful Milotic, but where can you find the both of them?

Feebas draws parallels with Magikarp. The Kanto Pokemon eventually evolves into the dual water and flying-type Gyarados to become one of the more powerful species in the region. The same is true for Feebas who goes from, let’s just say it as it is, a weak fish to the much more threatening Milotic.

There are plenty of other rare Pokemon to be found, including the likes of Morpeko, Deino, and Larvitar — the latter two are version exclusive Pokemon to each of Sword and Shield respectively — but Feebas is actually harder to find than all of them!


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BulbapediaIt won’t take too long to get to Route 2 from your home town of Postwick…

Spawn location and rarity

Feebas can only be found in one location in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and when you get there you’ll still only have a 1% chance of encountering it. The Gen 3 fan favorite can only be found while fishing in Route 2, specifically in the Lake left of the Professor’s House. Not even the rare Pokemon-filled Lake of Outrage can help you!

Given its spawn rate of 1%, you’ll need to throw your fishing line out an average of 100 times just to encounter it once. When you do find one, it will be between the level of 37 and 40.


Evolving into Milotic

While some trainers will have a genuine fondness of Feebas, most will be looking forward to its evolved form, Milotic. Unlike Magikarp, you can’t just get Feebas to a certain level to get that all important evolution.

The traditional method of evolving Feebas was to level it up when its Beauty value was at its maximum but contests were removed from Gen 5 onwards. Instead, you’ll need to find the Prism Scale and attach it to Feebas.

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It can be found in the lake south-west of the Professor’s house, just on the shoreline. You’ll need to enter the water to get it. Once found, and attached, just trade Feebas to make it evolve. You’ll need to trade it again to get Milotic yourself, though!


Contrary to other spawn details, you can actually find Milotic in the wild as well. The datamined spawn locations didn’t have it listed but there is proof it can be found. Head over to South Lake Miloch and when the weather turns to heavy fog you might just be lucky enough to have one spawn by the bridge.