Fans go wild for surreal Mewtwo display at new Pokemon Center in Japan

. 3 years ago
The Pokemon Company

Nintendo fans were blown away when a fan posted a video of a mindblowing Mewtwo display at a new Pokemon Center store that opened in Shibuya, Japan, and it’s the best thing you’ll see all day.

Pokemon first released in 1996, and went on to become not only one of Nintendo’s most successful properties, but as of 2019, the highest grossing media franchise of all time, generating over $90 billion.

A newly opened Pokemon store in Shibuya, Japan installed an insane Mewtwo display that has fans raving as it’s so incredibly accurate, it literally brings the character to life.

The legendary Psychic-type was first introduced back in Generation I, quickly becoming a fan favorite, and was even the star of the film ‘Pokemon: The First Movie’ released in 1999.

The Pokemon Company
The legendary psychic-type is one of the most popular Pokemon in the franchise.

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Mewtwo brought to life

A Tokyo fashion site posted the discovery on their official Twitter account, stating, “Giant Mewtwo inside an incubation chamber at the new Pokemon Center that opened today in Parco, Shibuya.”

The tweet included a video which showed the Psychic character in a massive incubation capsule that connects the floor and the ceiling, and with a jaw-dropping statue recreation of the ‘mon’ that looks incredibly real.

As it pans in, it’s revealed that the chamber even has a liquid substance inside of it that surrounds Mewtwo just like the films, with lighting and bubbles that fill it up, impressing shoppers that attended the store’s opening on November 22.

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Many shoppers were blown away by the amazing store decoration, and gave praise for its amazing attention to detail, and the sheer size of it which almost makes the character look alive.

However, the newly-opened store isn’t just a Pokemon Center, it’s also a major Nintendo store that sells a ton of merchandise for their beloved franchises that many fans would love to get their hands on.

Popular Japanese gaming outlet Famitsu discovered another gorgeous display that they posted online –  a block statue recreation of 2-D sprite Mario, emerging from a glowing pipe that sits outside of the establishment.

Twitter: @famitsu
The Japan based Nintendo store also had an incredible Mario display.

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The new store comes fresh off the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield which released November 15 to much fan and critical praise.

Nintendo has a lot to celebrate, as the latest iteration of the beloved RPG sold over 6 million units on its opening weekend, becoming the fastest selling Switch game to date.

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