Exclusive: Galarian Mr Rime Pokemon Card revealed for Astral Radiance - Dexerto

Exclusive: Galarian Mr Rime Pokemon Card revealed for Astral Radiance

Published: 27/Apr/2022 14:00

by Sam Smith


A new Pokemon card has been exclusively revealed to Dexerto – this time it’s a new Galarian Mr. Rime V card.

The new Galarian Mr. Rime V card is #49 in the next expansion from the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Sword & Shield—Astral Radiance.

The card is an English language reprint of a Japanese card that was originally released in 2021. The pack was one of seven S-P Promotional cards that was available as part of the Pokémon Card Gym Promo Card Pack 8, although the distribution of the set in Japan ended in January 2022.

However, now Trainers in the west will finally be able to get their hands on the card and add it to their decks. The card is a Fusion Strike-style card, so it will fit right in with other cards of that type.


Check out the design below:

Mr Rime Pokemon card
The Pokemon Company
Introducing the new #49 Galarian Mr. Rime V Pokemon card.

Galarian Mr Rime Pokemon card

Mr. Rime seems to have evolved from a mime artist, into a fully-fledged Comedian Pokemon. His Surprising Hand attack lets you search for up to 3 Item cards in one turn.

You can then grab a Pokemon Tool card and follow up in the next turn with the Customized Cane to do a whopping 180 damage to your opponent. It would appear then, that Mr. Rime is no joke in the heat of a Pokemon Trading Card battle.

Mr. Rime is a dual-type Ice and Psychic Pokemon who was introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. He’s a Galarian Pokemon and the evolved form of the Galarian Mr. Mime. He’s also only been seen in Pokemon Sword and Shield so far.