Everything we know about Pokemon Legends Arceus anime: everything we know so far

pokemon legends arceusNintendo

Pokemon Legends Arceus is getting a web anime series based on the popular open-world title that was released in January 2022. Here is everything we know about the anime so far.

During the Pokemon Presents 2022 live stream, The Pokemon Company made multiple huge announcements.

The reveal that drew the most attention was Gen 9, named Scarlet and Violet, releasing in late 2022.

Along with that was the announcement of an anime based on Pokemon Legends Arceus. Below is everything we know about it so far.

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trainers and pokemon togetherThe Pokemon Company
Pokemon Legends Arceus is getting an anime based on the show.

Is there a release date for Pokemon Legends Arceus anime?

There currently isn’t an official release date for the Pokemon Legends Arceus anime just yet.

The anime, created by Wit Studio, will be set in the Hisui region.

Wit Studio has tackled previous animated Pokemon projects, as they helped put out 2018’s Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us. It has also worked on other popular anime like Attack on Titan.

Pokemon Legends Arceus teaser

The web anime series was revealed with a single teaser image, which showed a young girl trainer in a blue robe being followed by the shadow of a Hisuian Zorua.

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pokiemon arceus anime taser Nintendo
Pokemon Legends Arceus web anime series teaser image.

We will update this article with details on how and when to watch the Pokemon Legends Arceus web anime once more information is revealed.