These Eevee evolutions need to be added to Pokemon Sword and Shield!

With the hope that a new eeveelution is on the horizon the Eevee evolution hype train is gaining momentum. Here are some of the best Eevee evolution concept designs.

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Another Eevee evolution?

While nothing has been confirmed, or even hinted at, Pokemon fans are optimistic that we will see another Eevee evolution this year. This is because history suggests so.

New Eevee evolutions have been introduced in every even numbered generation of Pokemon. Conversely, in the odd ones, they have not.

The upcoming release of Pokemon Sword and Shield will bring in the eighth generation of Pokemon. Consequently, with eight being an even number, a lot of Pokemon trainers are expecting a new Eevee evolved form.

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These are the current Eevee evolutions – Espeon, Umbreon, etc
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What type will it be?

Right now, nobody knows. Flying, ground, poison, ghost, dragon, bug, fighting, rock and steel types have eluded the Eevee evolution line and therefore it is logical one of these types will be next.

There are a lot of options to choose from which means there is a lot of room for creativity.

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Fan made eeveelutions

Pokemon trainers love Eevee and its evolutions. They love them so much that some have created their own Eevee evolution concepts, also referred to as fan made or fakemons.

They are so impressive that they could easily be a real Pokemon already. Here are some of the best ones, which who knows, maybe the Pokemon development will take inspiration from or may even add the first fan made Pokemon into the series.

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Poison – Toxeon

This is arguably the finest Eevee evolution concept out there. The name is also perfect.

Toxeon, created by “abz-art” looks like a real Pokemon so much so that a similar version might appear in a real game.

u/abz-artToxeon, the poison-type Eevee evolution…

Update: abz-art has since released a number of of other Eevee evolutions and they all look incredible.

These include a flying, rock, steel and even normal-type evolution. If we didn’t know better they could easily all be real Pokemon already!

The flying-type is called Zephyreon, the rock-type Graniteon, the steel-type Chromeon and the normal-type, you guessed it, Eeveon.

abz-artZephyreon, the flying-type Eevee evolution…
abz-artGraniteon, the rock-type Eevee evolution…
abz-artChromeon, the steel-type Eevee evolution…
abz-artEeveon, the normal-type Eevee evolution…

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Bug – Lepideon

This particular concept has been around for over four years now. Lepideon shows what a bug-type Eevee evolution could look like.

Designed by “TamarinFrog” this bug-type eeveelution is based upon a butterfly, a la Butterfree, rather than a more traditional ground-type.

TamarinFrogLepideon, the bug-type Eevee evolution…

Steel Eevee

Pokemon Sword and Shield is rumored to have a focus on steel-type Pokemon because of the time it is set in. As a result it’s a reasonable guess that the next Eevee evolution could be a steel-type.

devildman” teased that this was a leak before editing their post and saying it is their design.

Ghost – Spectreon

A ghost-type Eevee has also been hyped. This would be another good fit for the new Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch.

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This concept provides a unique Eevee evolution whereby, much like a ghost, its limbs aren’t connected. The design comes courtesy of Galefaux.

GalefauxSpectreon, the ghost-type Eevee evolution…

Rock Eevee

This final concept is more simplistic, a bit like the ones seen from the Kanto region.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find the source of this design so if you know who it is, let us know on Twitter.

An unnamed rock-type Eevee evolution…

What other Eevee evolution designs do you like and can we expect to see these, or something similar, this year?