Drapion weaknesses in Pokemon & the best counters to defeat it

Drapion is a mean-looking Poison and Dark-type Pokemon who resembles a large purple scorpion in games like Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. Like all Pokemon, Drapion‘s weaknesses and counters are the keys to its defeat.

As a dual-type Pokemon, Drapion can be a difficult opponent to beat in battle, he looks like a big tough insect Pokemon but actually represents two other types. However, if the Pokemon Trainer they’re up against knows how to take them down, the fight with Drapion will go much smoother. Luckily, Drapion has a range of weaknesses that can be exploited.

According to the Pokedex, Drapion evolves from Skorupi at level 40. This means that most Drapion is likely to be a high level when you go into battle against one. It also means that the Pokemon may have been evolved deliberately by a savvy trainer, looking to do some Poison damage. Here’s how to defeat one by taking advantage of Drapion’s weaknesses.


alpha drapioncybercychreus (YouTube) / The Pokemon Company
Alpa Drapion’s stalks the land in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Drapion weaknesses in Pokemon

As a Ground and Poison-type Pokemon, Drapion has one key weakness that can be used to end a battle decisively and give the player an advantage, this is:

  • Other Ground-types

Most Pokemon teams (that usually consist of six Pokemon) will likely have at least one member well suited to defeating it.

Many other Ground-types are also often dual-types, which means it’s easy to recruit another Ground/other-type to gain an advantage over Drapion.

Drapion resistances in Pokemon

Bear in mind, Drapion is also resistant to certain types of damage:

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Steel 
  • Water

So avoid using any on the above list when in battle if possible, as your attacks won’t do much damage and the ‘mon will have the advantage.

Drapion in combatHabib Jackson (YouTube) / The Pokemon Company
Drapion’s can be a frightening opponent in the wild.

Best counters for Drapion

These are some of the best counters you can use to defeat a Drapion in the Pokemon games:

PokemonBest Attacks
Rydon High-Horsepower
Vibrava Dig
ClaydolEarth Power
Yamask (Galarian form)Earthquake

Most of our recommended counters are dual Ground-types with matching moves, as they’re the best to target Drapion weaknesses. However, none of them are types that Drapion is resistant to.

Remember, not all of our suggested counters are available in every Pokemon game, but there should be at least one you can catch and use to defeat Drapion.

That’s everything you need to know about Drapion’s weaknesses and counters in Pokemon! Check out some of our other guides below for more tips and tricks:

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