Dragapult revealed in Pokemon Unite: Everything we know

Pokemon Unite DragapultThe Pokemon Company

The official Pokemon Unite Twitter account teased two upcoming picks joining the game: Urshifu and Dragapult. Here is everything to know regarding the upcoming new pick in Pokemon Unite, who plays as a ranged castor that deals physical damage rather than special attack.

Dragapult is a Dragon and Ghost-type Pokemon that debuted in Generation VIII, similar to Urshifu.

It was teased in the Pokemon Unite beta testing server on November 8. This Pokemon starts off as Dreepy, then evolves into Drakloak at level five. It reaches its final form when hitting level nine, evolving into Dragapult.

Here is everything currently known about the upcoming Pokemon Unite character.

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Is there a Pokemon Unite Dragapult release date?

No, there’s little information publicly available for Dragapult’s release date in Pokemon Unite, but speculation can be made.

Since Sableye releases on November 16, it’s likely Dragapult launches two weeks after on November 30. This is assuming Dragapult drops before Urshifu. If it doesn’t drop in two weeks, Timi may be planning to release the new Pokemon Unite pick middle of the next month, December 14.

Dragapult stats

The stats for Dragapult were datamined by ElChicoEevee. By analyzing the stats, you can accurately predict its evolution pattern. Levels four to five have a big jump, as do levels eight to nine. Therefore, Dreepy evolves into Drakloak at level five and Drakloak evolves into Dragapult at level nine.

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Pokemon Unite Dragapult statsTwitter: ElChicoEevee

As for its damage, it appears Dragapult deals primarily Attack rather than Special Attack, which is a tad bit different from the mainline series, where Dragapult utilizes both attack types relatively effectively.

What do we know about Dragapult’s moves in Pokemon Unite?

As of November 10, Drapapult’s moves in game haven’t been properly datamined or revealed. ElChicoEevee did, however, make a video showcasing the moves using recorded datamined gameplay, but the descriptions don’t appear to have been shown.

Expect this page to receive updates as more information officially reveals.