Dedicated Pokemon Go trainer manages to hit hidden Gym limit

Pokemon Go GymNiantic / The Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Go trainer shared that they’d managed to hit the limit of the number of Pokemon one trainer can submit to a Gym.

As is the case with any game with a massive following, there are some truly dedicated Pokemon Go players around the world.

While some trainers have achieved incredible feats like completing the Pokedex with Shiny Pokemon or ranking high in the game’s PvP mode, others are simply committed to playing.

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Now, one trainer has submitted so many Pokemon to local Gyms that they were met with an in-game message telling them that they’d reached the available limit.

Pokemon Go fan hits hidden Gym limit

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit titled, “So, TIL there’s a limit to Gyms,” showed the rarely-seen message to players in the community.

The thread included a screenshot that read, “Sorry. You’ve reached the limit of Pokemon you can assign to Gyms.” The OP added a caption that explained they didn’t even know this was a feature in the game and that apparently the max number of Pokemon a trainer can submit is 20.

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Plenty of players expressed their surprise at the discovery as well, as it’s quite the challenge to submit 20 Pokemon to different local Gyms. “Wow! Did not know. I get excited when I have 3 in gyms – gyms are had for me to get to.”

Others shared other information that was hidden away, like one trainer who said, “Also just an unrelated thing, there is a cap on candies you can earn with your pokemon per day, i think its either 20 or 25.”

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Some players were confused as to why the OP had 20 Pokemon in different Gyms at once, after which they explained it was a great way to accrue PokeCoins over a few days.

While many trainers will surely struggle to manage to hit this Pokemon Gym cap, it’s certainly helpful to know it’s present in the game.

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