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Could a new Eevee evolution come in Pokemon Sword & Shield Crown Tundra?

Published: 1/Aug/2020 14:51

by Paul Cot


Trainers, and us included, had expected Pokemon Sword and Shield to feature a brand new Eevee evolution. That, of course, never happened, at least yet.

Pokemon Sword and Shield brought a brand new experience to the franchise which on the whole trainers loved. There was the National Pokedex fiasco, as well as widespread hacks to begin with, but it looks like the introduction to Gen 8 will be looked back on fondly.

The Nintendo Switch game delivered pretty much everything trainers had hoped for with the exception of an Eeveelution. With the upcoming addition of a second DLC, the Crown Tundra, there is still a chance a much wanted Eevee evolution could make an appearance.

The pattern of Eeveelutions

The question is why would an Eevee evolution come now? After all, it never came to Pokemon Sword and Shield in the first place.

However, past patterns suggest it is long overdue. The Kanto region had the original Eeveelutions – Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon – as well as Eevee, of course.

The next two evolutions were introduced in the revered Pokemon Gold and Silver games – the Johto region. These were Espeon and Umbreon, the respective psychic and dark-types.

A rock-type Eeveelution is just of many types that could be used…

Another two were introduced in another iconic game (maybe there is a pattern here) in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. They were Leafeon and Glaceon, which as their names suggest are grass and ice-types.

The latest Eeveelution is Sylveon, a Fairy-type from Gen 6. This is the newest Eevee evolution to be added to the franchise.

So, new Eevee evolved forms have been added in Gen 2, 4 and 6 and this is why trainers were so hopeful Gen 8 would see a new Eevee added. For whatever reason though, Game Freak and the Pokemon Company opted, at least so far, to not add one to the Galar region.

Coming in Gen 8?

With so much to look forward to in Gen 8, it perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise they left it out. Instead, it would make sense for them to use a new Eeveelution to get even more trainers to buy the Crown Tundra when it comes out this Fall.

It’s either that or we’re going to have to wait until a yet to be announced expansion or even Gen 9 game launches. Surely one is coming sooner or later, though!


Pokemon fans outraged over “lazy” 25th anniversary Macy’s Parade reveal

Published: 26/Nov/2020 21:07

by Brent Koepp


The Pokemon Company unexpectedly announced the start of the series’ 25th anniversary event during the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. However, some fans were left feeling disappointed by how “lackluster” the reveal was.

The Pokemon series officially made its debut with the release of the groundbreaking Nintendo games Red & Blue in 1996. Decades later, its popularity has only continued to explode and it is now the highest-grossing media franchise of all time, with its RPGs, Trading Card Game, anime and merchandise raking in billions.

In 2021, the beloved IP will officially celebrate its 25th anniversary. The Japanese company surprisingly announced the major milestone four months early during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. However, not even an adorable group of dancing Pikachu could make up for what some fans felt was a pretty mediocre reveal.

Screenshot of Pokemon's 25th anniversary logo.
Twitte: @pokemon
Pokemon’s 25th anniversary was announced at the Thanksgiving event.

Pokemon goes viral for lackluster 25th anniversary reveal

On November 23, the Pokemon Company sent out press emails urging fans to tune to the annual parade for a major announcement. However, the cryptic tease ended up only being a reveal for the 25th anniversary’s logo…. And nothing else.

The special update came off the heels of an adorable performance of Pikachu dancers. All the hype built up to the yellow mascot stepping aside to show off the upcoming anniversary’s branding, before abruptly cutting away.

While the Pika-dance troupe was a major hit and even began trending on Twitter, upset fans took to the social media platform to air out their frustrations for what they found to be a disappointing announcement.

Many players called the new logo “lazy” as it was the same exact image used for the 20th anniversary, just with a slight alteration. One user wrote, “Lol. They literally changed the 0 to a 5.” Another replied, “Its more lazy than it is ugly. All they did was recycle the 20th anniversary logo.”

twitter pokemon comments

Other fans called the reveal disappointing, and hit out at The Pokemon Company for over-hyping the event. “So all the announcement was is to kick off the 25th anniversary in which we already knew?” one person said. Another exclaimed “What announcement was that @Pokemon? Just a small 25?”

pokemon outrage tweets

While it was always extremely unlikely that a new game would be announced at the event, a reused logo was pretty underwhelming for some. Despite the reveal being four months early, the Japanese company stated a “special celebration” would begin in 2021.

Whether you hated or loved the announcement, there is no denying that franchise is having its biggest year yet in 2020. The sky’s the limit with the 25th anniversary around the corner.