Competitive species come to Pokemon Sword and Shield Max Raid Battles

by Paul Cot


The latest set of species to come to Pokemon Sword and Shield Max Raid Battles are available now. There are no changes to Gigantamax Pokemon, though.

Dragapult, Excadrill, Togekiss, Tyranitar and Whimsicott will appear more frequently in Max Raid Battles until May 11, 4:59 PM PDT. These species are available in both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

This means Tyranitar, which is usually exclusive to Sword, will be available in both games. So, it's a great chance for Shield players to get hold of the Armor Pokemon.

Tyranitar Max Raid Battle May 2020
The May 2020 Max Raid Battle rotation is a great chance for Shield players to get hold of the Sword exclusive...


Dragapult, Tyranitar  and Whimsicott will appear 15% of the time, with the other two at 20% each. Of course, this line up will include all of the aboves evolutionary lines, too. The five featured species will replace Charizard, Copperajah, Duraladon and Garbodor, among others.

Catch the elusive Rotom forms

Meanwhile, Wash Rotom will appear in Pokemon Sword Max Raid Battles and Heat Rotom in Shield's. The unique Gen 4 'mon and its various forms can be found in both versions of the game, though.

To get them travel to Wyndon Stadium and battle the League Staff trainer. As a reward for beating them you'll be given a Rotom Catalog which will give you access to all forms.

Rotom Forms
Pokemon Company
Rotom and its five other forms...


The only problem is getting Rotom in the first place. It can be found in the Lake of Outrage but is a super rare spawn and also has a low capture rate.

So, its appearance in Max Raid Battles will save you some time if you don't have one already. A Rotom form will appear in these featured Max Raid Battles 15% of the time.

What about a Gigantamax Pokemon?

Many trainers will look at this line up and think it's strange that a Gigantamax Pokemon isn't included. Its current exclusion suggests there will be an upcoming event where one will be featured.

This will likely be announced in the coming days if one is going to be featured.