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Cobalion returns to Raid Battles – Sacred Sword analysis, counters, more

Published: 17/Mar/2020 13:04

by Paul Cot


Cobalion has returned to Pokemon Go Raid Battles for what is now an extended special raid weekend. The Iron Will Pokemon returns with an event-exclusive move and can even be found in its shiny form this time around.

Cobalion will be appearing in five-star Raid Battles from Tuesday, March 17, 1pm PDT to Monday, March 23, 1pm PDT.

In addition to this, Cobalion can be found as a GO Battle League reward encounter, too. Previously, Thundurus and Giratina had been special legendary encounters.

Cobalion Swords of Justice
Pokemon Company
Cobalion was the first of the Swords of Justice to be available in Pokemon Go…

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The first of the Swords of Justice appeared in Pokemon Go back in November 2019. Now, though, its shiny form has been introduced to the game as well.


Sacred Sword

That’s not the only reason to be excited for Cobalion’s return as it is guaranteed to know the new attack Sacred Sword. After not knowing anything about the move, details have finally been revealed.

It is a signature move of all three of the Swords of Justice – Cobalion, Terakion and Virizion. It had been found in a datamine back in October 2019 but has only just found its way into the game.

It’s a fighting-type Charged Move move dealing 55 damage in PvE and 60 damage in PvP. Some of you may be thinking this isn’t strong at all but it is a three-bar Charge Move with an energy delta of -35.


While it is now a lot of fighting-types best move, it still doesn’t make Cobalion a viable battler in a competitive sense. Unfortunately it’s just too weak to compete with the best in Ultra and Master League and doesn’t have the bulk to be an effective tool in Raids.

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In comparison to other legendary species, Cobalion is actually pretty weak. As it stands, it doesn’t really have any place in the Pokemon Go meta.

None of its stats – or current moves for that matter – make it viable as a gym defender or even useful in Raid Battles. The only that will change is if Sacred Sword is incredibly strong.


The dual steel and fighting-types’ stats are as follows:

  • Attack 192 – 207 of 688
  • Defence 229 – 25 of 688
  • Stamina 209 – 101 of 688

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As Raid Battles go, Cobalion is one of the easier five-star raids to take down. It is weak to fighting, fire and ground-type attacks.

Lucario Pokemon Go
The Pokemon Company
The ever popular Lucario is an excellent counter to Cobalion…


Perhaps the best counter to the Gen 5 legend is Lucario. The Aura Pokemon may be limited in PvP but, for the right opponent, it is an excellent option in Raid Battles.

Its strong attacking stats, complimented by the fighting moves Counter and Aura Sphere make it a nightmare for those who have a weakness to it. Aura Sphere is the key here though, as not only is it as powerful as Shadow Ball, but it benefits from STAB too.



The dual fire and ghost-type Pokemon is only effective, unsurprisingly, if it has both fire-types moves at its disposal – Fire Spin and Overheat.

Overheat may take a lot of energy but it hits like a truck dealing 160 damage. Add into the equation that Chandelure has a 271 base attack stat and its no wonder it’s such an effective counter.

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Darmanitan Pokemon Go
The Pokemon Company
Darmanitan may not look too threatening but is a great counter against Cobalion,,,


Surprise surprise, Darmanitan is another fire-type with excellent attacking stats. Like Chandelure, it utilizes the hard-hitting Overheat as a Charge Move.

Its fire-type Fast Move is Fire Fang. Fire Spin may generate more energy but its DPS is less. However, Chandelure arguably gets the edge here as its attack is slightly superior.

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Other fire-types

The likes of Blaziken, Entei and Moltres all have Overheat available, too. All of these are powerful species in their own right and therefore are all excellent options at countering Cobalion.

Blaziken also has the advantage of knowing the fighting-type Counter as a Fast move – so, you don’t need to be as selective with its moves. Charizard is another choice and is all the better if it has the Community Day exclusive move Blast Burn.

Entei Pokemon Go
Entei is one of many powerful fire-types that’s effective against Cobalion…

Cobalion can be taken by two trainers assuming all their counters are level 30 or have weather boost. Meanwhile, three is obviously easier but is still a big challenge.

Four of five trainers should have little trouble taking it down. Cobalion can be found between 1649 and 1727 CP.

With weather boost though, and therefore at level 25, it can be found between 2061 and 2159 CP. Its weather boost condition is cloudy conditions.

Originally the special Cobalion raid period was scheduled for just the weekend. However, events surrounding the Coronavirus have caused Niantic to extend the time.

If you do decide to leave your house to participate, please make sure you are safe and remain a suitable distance from anyone you’re playing with. This is not only for your benefit, but your friends too.