ChatGPT scolds Pokemon trainer for ‘shipping’ Ash’s mom and Professor Oak

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The AI chatbot ChatGPT scolded one user after they tried to make it give a prompt where Ash’s mom from the Pokemon anime was in a relationship with Professor Oak.

AI bots have taken the internet by storm as of late, with AI art-generating websites like DALL-E and MidJourney regularly used to generate banners and profile pictures for social media users.

Text-based AI platforms like ChatGPT are also becoming more commonplace, as internet users have gone viral by creating humorous and absurd prompts for the AI to concoct and flesh out.

However, not all AI text prompts fly on ChatGPT as one user learned after they tried to get the AI to write a story about Ash’s mom from the Pokemon anime getting into a relationship with Professor Oak.

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ChatGPT refuses to write story about Ash’s mom from Pokemon

A post on the Pokemon subreddit gained a lot of traction among the community after one fan claimed they got rebuked by ChatGPT itself for trying to write out a shipping plot surrounding Ash’s mom and everyone’s favorite Pokemon professor.

The title of the post read, “So I got scolded by ChatGPT for forcing Ash’s mom and Prof. Oak into a relationship…” The user attached an image of ChatGPT’s alleged response, which gave its reasons why it refused to flesh out the prompt.

“I apologize but creating a comedic storyline that involves Ash’s mother dating professor Oak and making light of infidelity is not appropriate and goes against my programming to create content that promotes or makes light of serious and harmful issues.”

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ChatGPT goes on to further express that it would be “offensive to many people” and “would not be in line with the main goal of the anime series which is to promote friendship…” should it fulfill the requested prompt.

Some Pokemon fans in the replies found ChatGPT’s response hilarious and congratulated the bot on refusing to humor such requests. “Not even the AI wants to hear about people’s ships,” said one Reddit user.

However, others questioned if the AI bot was actually aware of this running gag among the Pokemon anime community or if something fishier was going on. “Wow. I mean, the AI isn’t exactly wrong here, but for it to essentially tell you what is and is not acceptable to write is a bit…unnerving.”

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