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Charizard’s new move could change the Pokemon Go meta

Published: 25/Sep/2020 17:29

by Paul Cot


Charizard is already a very powerful option in Pokemon Go. It’s going to get even stronger following the October Community Day though, when it can learn the popular Fast Move, Dragon Breath.

With multiple Elite Moves at Charizard’s disposal – Ember, Wing Attack, Blast Burn, and Flamethrower – the Flame Pokemon is a regular fixture across battles in Pokemon Go. Now, it is getting another one in Dragon Breath.

Experienced Pokemon Go trainers will be familiar with the dragon-type Fast Move. It provides 4 DPT and considering the impressive damage output, it still maintains a decent energy generation of 3 EPT.

Dragon Breath is unquestionably among the most effective Fast Moves in Pokemon Go. So, when you add that to an already strong Pokemon, it is understandable that some trainers think it will shake up the mobile game’s meta.

Charizard PoGo
Charizard is one of the most iconic Pokemon…

Charizard’s other Fast Moves

Firstly, let’s take a look at all of Charizard’s Fast Moves for a comparison:

  • Dragon Breath (Elite Fast Move) – 4 DPT, 3 EPT
  • Air Slash – 3 DPT, 3 EPT
  • Ember (Elite Fast Move) – 3 DPT, 3 EPT
  • Fire Spin – 3 DPT, 3.33 EPT
  • Wing Attack (Elite Fast Move) – 2.5 DPT, 3.5 EPT

As we can see, Dragon Breath provides the most damage. It may fall behind in terms of energy, but the sacrifice of 0.5 EPT (compared to Wing Attack) is worth the extra 1.5 DPT.

Using it will naturally give you a greater advantage against dragon-types such as Giratina, but it does come at the cost of ineffectiveness against steel and fairy-types.

The drawback of Dragon Breath

Dragon Claw is a must-have Charge Move for Charizard, which is, of course, another dragon-type move. If you combine this move with Dragon Breath, you’ll naturally narrow the type of Pokemon you can be effective against.

So, if you have, for example, Giratina in your team, which is weak against fairy-types then Charizard with Dragon Breath isn’t the Pokemon to bail you out. You would have to rely on Blast Burn, or another fire-type move, and hope they don’t have any Protect Shields left!

Charizard is now one of the select few Pokemon capable of learning Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw. We expect it to be frequently seen in GO Battle League as a result.

Also, Mega Charizard X is a dual dragon and fire-type meaning it will actually benefit from STAB for both of these moves. Add that to its ridiculous attack stat, and Mega Charizard X will run through other Pokemon.

Make sure you spend that 25 Candy and 10,000 Stardust to unlock a fire-type Charge Move to compliment it, though.


Pokemon players put on notice as ‘Temtem’ confirmed for PS5

Published: 29/Oct/2020 17:04 Updated: 29/Oct/2020 17:05

by Paul Cot


The Pokemon inspired game Temtem is now coming to the PS5 as an early access console debut exclusive.

Temtem is an increasingly popular MMORPG game which was first made available on the PC back in January 2020. It had already been announced for next-gen consoles – PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, as well as the Nintendo Switch.

However, it is PlayStation players that will get to experience Temtem first though, as it will come to the PS5 on December 8. Releases dates for the Xbox systems and Nintendo Switch have yet to be announced, but it will be launching at some point in 2021.

The official PlayStation blog confirmed that the game will feature crossplay between the PS5 and PC. Presumably, this means it will feature crossplay between all consoles when it is eventually released universally.

Unfortunately, Temtem won’t be free. The standard edition will cost $37.49 and the deluxe edition $57.49. You can find the differences between the two versions below:

Temem Standard Deluxe Version Differences
PlayStation Blog
It’ll cost you an extra 20$ for the Early Access – Camo Outfit…

Pokemon clone?

Any time a game comes out where there are various different creatures to collect and put them into battle together, comparisons to Pokemon are naturally drawn. Attempts to emulate the franchise should come as no surprise given how incredibly successful it has been.

One thing that Crema is trying to differentiate from Pokemon, is that of the game’s difficulty. “Temtem also offers some more activities, catering to the more hardcore players out there. Attempt to take on Dojo leaders in new increasingly difficult battles in weekly challenges, hunt for ultra-rare, specially colored Temtems called Lumas at the Saipark, or fish for one of the many (10,368 to be exact!) variations of Koish at the Nuru Lodge,” the PlayStation blog shared.

This is in addition to ranked battles. The developers promise that these battles will be determined by skill rather than luck.

While it’s certain that Pokemon will remain at the top of the mountain, Temtem proves that there is room for a competitor. They’ve certainly got the console advantage, but time will tell if they can even lay a glove on the monster that is the Pokemon franchise.