How Do You Get Smeargle in Pokemon Go? How Many Can You Catch?

by Paul Cotton


Niantic have teased the arrival of Smeargle for weeks now. As of yesterday you can finally catch it in Pokemon Go.



The Gen 2 Pokemon had been teased in Pokemon Go promotional material with its unmistakable paint splodges, and more recently in the loading screen before you start the game.

Its arrival was clearly imminent and it has now been confirmed that it can be caught. However, its capture method is unlike any other Pokemon. Interestingly, despite being a generation 2 Pokemon, Smeargle has evaded the Pokemon Go pool, until now.


How to Catch Smeargle?

Smeargle's capture involves the brand new, Pokemon Go Snapshot mode.

Firstly, open up Snapshot and take a photo of any of your Pokemon. Take as many as you like, and when finished go and review the images.

It is here whether you'll know if you have a chance to capture it. When reviewing your recently taken photos, if Smeargle appears, in the form of a photobomb, then it will appear in the wild nearby.


Smeargle in the originally teased loading screen on Pokemon Go...

From that point you can capture it like any other Pokemon. If Smeargle hasn't decided to grace you with a photobomb, repeat the above process until it does.

How Many Smeargle Can You Catch?

As many as you like but with a limit of one per day. The limit will reset everyday at midnight (your local time).

This means Smeargle won't become ridiculously common and will keep interest in the Pokemon Go Snapshot mode.


Elusive Smeargle

True to form in the build up to its eventual release, Smeargle remains elusive even now. Some Pokemon Go trainers have reported in excess of 100 attempts for it to appear. Others have got far luckier, even getting it first time.

It is also worth noting that Smeargle will copy the moveset of the Pokemon in the picture it photo-bombed. This could present a very interesting dynamic depending on Smeargle's CP and specific stats.