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Canadian Pokemon Go player proves weather boost system doesn’t work

Published: 28/Jan/2022 0:37

by Alec Mullins


Pokemon Go players are debating the effectiveness of the weather boost system after one Canadian trainer suggested that it simply doesn’t work in poor conditions. 

PoGo’s weather system allows for certain types of Pokemon to receive a boost to their strength and spawn rate if the real-world conditions match up to its preferred climate.

After encountering a Regice in less than ideal conditions one trainer has sparked a debate over whether or not the system actually works, and if it does, who benefits from its current function

Canadian Pokemon Go player stunned by lack of weather boost

Pokemon Go inclement weather bonuses
Niantic/The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Go reflects the world around us but maybe not as well as it should.

In a Reddit post, OptionalUser showed off a bizarre instance where the weather boost system seemingly failed them.


The picture shows them attempting to catch a Regice in -17 degrees celsius temperatures while also being flanked by banks of snow on either side of the creature.

While it might seem like this is enough to meet the boosting conditions, there is more to the problem than meets the eye.


As one commenter pointed out, the weather boosts only react to the current forecast – meaning if snow isn’t actively falling then the weather boost shouldn’t have activated.

In response to this discovery, another user asked why certain cities don’t get these kinds of bonuses through the entire season, given that they have to deal with inclement weather more often than the average user: “I don’t know what to tell you, we should be getting a weather boost every day in the winter.”


While it might not be on the top of Niantic’s priority list it’s clear that players who live in areas with more severe weather patterns are ready for an overhaul to the current version of the weather system.