Broke trainer wins Pokemon Go lottery after friend sends $3 for raid hour

shiny lugia pokemon goNiantic / The Pokemon Company

 A Pokemon Go player sent their broke friend the money for a Raid Pass for the Lugia event, only to have them catch three different shiny Lugia in the process.

Some Pokemon trainers are just luckier than others when it comes to catching shiny Pokemon. The chances of encountering a shiny are incredibly slim, but for those with all the luck in the world, the chances are turned on their head.

A Pokemon Go player who was sent money by a friend to participate in the Lugia 5-star raid tapped into all of the luck of the world when they caught multiple shiny versions of the legendary bird.

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Lugia Pokemon GoNiantic / The Pokemon Company
Lugia is known in Pokemon lore as the guardian of the seas.

Shiny Lugia hattrick

Reddit user LoverBoyRemy shared a post about their friend catching multiple shiny Lugia saying, “My friend had a bad day today and 0 funds. So I sent her $3 to do raid hour with me… she got three shiny Lugias… back to back to back. I’ve played since launch and not a single one. She’s happy though and that’s all that matters to me”

Paying for his friend’s raid pass created an incredibly rare moment as the picture included in the post shows off the three shiny Lugia she caught. Although Remy admits he hasn’t caught a single one yet, he was still super happy for his friend, as he certainly made her day.

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Remy clarified that his friend is giving him one of the shiny Lugia, which is only fair considering she’ll still have two left after the donation.

Many in the comment section of the post emplored Remy to buy their friend lottery tickets, as their luck seems to be incalculable right now. Hopefully, for their bank accounts sake, they take up this suggestion.

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