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Best Therian Forme Thundurus moveset in Pokemon Go

Published: 17/Mar/2021 17:39

by Brent Koepp


Therian Forme Thundurus has finally arrived in Pokemon Go, making its debut during the March 2021 Charge Up event. Here is the Gen V Forces of Nature Legendary’s best moveset for the Battle League, as well as Raids. 

Pokemon Go has kicked off 2021 with the Season of Legends which runs until the end of May. To launch the start of the three-month long festivities, the mobile game is holding a special Charge Up event which honors the series most popular Electric-types.

Making the limited-time celebration electrifying, Niantic has introduced Thundurus’ Therian Forme from 2012’s Black and White 2. Here is everything you need to know to make the Legendary’s alternate version a fierce contender in both the Battle League and Raids.


Thundurus Pokemon Go Counters
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Go’s Charge Up event was the debut of Thundurus Therian Forme.

Pokemon Go Therian Forme Thundurus best moveset

Early tests have shown that Therian Forme Thundurus not only has one of the best attack stats in Pokemon Go, but that the Forces of Nature Legendary is now in the top three most powerful Electric-type ‘mon in the mobile title.

Unfortunately while it outclasses its Incarnate Forme by a good margin, the Gen V ‘mon is still rather weak when it comes to the game’s current Battle League meta.

Still, the ‘mon can still be turned into an absolute beast with the right moveset. Below, we will cover the moves Trainers should be using to turn the character into a strong competitor.


Pokemon Go Battle League promotional art.
Niantic / Pokemon Company
Thundurus can only be used in a handful of Battle League levels.

Pokemon Go Therian Forme Thundurus best moveset in Battle League

Great League

  • Therian Forme Thundurus is currently not eligible for the GL.

Ultra League

  • Fast Attack: Volt Switch
  • Charge Attacks: Thunderbolt / Focus Blast.

Volt Switch is unquestionably the monster’s best Fast move. The attack not only dishes out decent damage, but its ability to generate energy fast makes it a no-brainer.  This should be paired off with Thunderbolt which is a great nuke move without requiring an insane amount of energy at two bars.

Fans of the Black and White Legendary that are set on taking it into Battle League should absolutely spend the time saving up Stardust to unlock Focus Blast as a second move. Its Fighting-type gives it more counter spread, and makes it more viable against various ‘mon.

Master League

  • Fast Moves: Volt Switch
  • Charge Moves: Thuderbolt / Focus Blast.

As of the time of writing, Therian Forme Thundurus is at a major disadvantage in Master League. Unfortunately, Dragon-types currently dominate the meta, and Electric does little damage due to their type advantages.


That said, just like Ultra League, we recommend sticking with the Volt Switch and Thunderbolt as they do a decent amount of damage and are fairly quick to pull off. Niantic really needs to give the ‘mon access to Dark-type attacks and other moves to make it more viable.

Screenshot of Pokemon Go Raid Boss logo.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
The Gen V Legendary can also be used in Raids.

Pokemon Go Therian Forme Thundurus best moveset in Raids

  • Fast Attack: Volt Switch
  • Charge Attack: Thunder Bolt

Thankfully, Thundurus’ Therian Forme is incredibly powerful in Raids compared to the Battle League. While some may be tempted to use Thunder due to its incredible nuke power, we would recommend against it.

Trainers should instead stick with Volt Switch and Thunder Bolt as the combo does an insane amount of damage while also being quick to pull off.